june 2010 photo hunt challenge

i did it!

some were trickier than others. hello, i don't use photoshop! i think i might need to take lessons or something. and some i wanted to post more than one!!

here we go!  ;-)

1. hilarious out takes {silly jason trying to ruin all of our pictures!}

2. creative crop {who doesn't love chubby, sandy ben feet?}

3. sunflare {my new favorite thing to photograph!}

4. sweet dreams {ben again.}

5. work {my desk.}

6. play {yay volleyball!}

7. cookout/picnic {at tom and jen's rehearsal dinner. so cute!}

8. transportation {my bike!}

9. money/currency {ben's coins from his play piggy bank.}

10. a fountain {so bummed i couldnt't get buckingham fountain!}

11. nightscene {bonfire love.}

12. b & w with selective coloring {um, i don't use photoshop. lucky i had this picture or this category would be blank!}

13. something old {reminded me of alice in wonderland!}

14. something new {aw, baby duckies!}

15. something borrowed {ben's new playground. thank you brandee!}

16. something blue {wind farm... i am obsessed!}

17. something musical {karaoke! maybe not the best picture but great memories.}

18. something purple. {love this dude.}

19.  something yellow {these so remind me of summer here in indiana.}

20. something scenic {the view of lake michigan from lake shore drive in chicago.}


the shoe-aholic

that's me.
and i now have another person to buy shoes for so it's even better.
remember this post
well, i shopped again! we bought one pair friday from big and little. then i came home and found two more pair on zappos.
his first pair of keens! i don't even have a pair. just a knock off pair that i adore.
and some nike's. so cute.
and i'm thinking i've found some fall ones for him, just have to wait and see how fat his lil feet are then.
he's currently a 4w in sandals. which means 5w in sneakers. at least, he's no longer a double wide!!


weekend in pictures 6.26.10

let's see... it was a busy one. hoping i can just do a quick recap.

friday: ben and i went to see nick at work. took him lunch and then went to big and little shoes to get wee man a new pair of sandals.

ben enjoyed playing in the store. ;-)

then we broke in his new shoes by wearing some sexy old man socks with them for a few hours!

i left wee man home with daddy and went out to dinner and a movie {with his mom and aunt and cindy}. this is what i find on the camera the next morning! 

stopped by my grandma's to celebrate her and my aunt's birthdays.

the obligatory bow photo.

then we headed to the cooper's for braiden's birthday party.

and ben enjoyed one of the presents we bought her... elefun!

then we ran to lake hills to check out the volleyball courts. it is sooo nice back there! took some pics for my photo challenge and enjoyed the playground.

then once beaner went to bed, nick and i enjoyed a bonfire. was SO nice.

yes, i like burnt marshmallows.

and an oh so delicious smore. yum.

and my new favorite picture of the two of us. 

my cousin's graduation party. we didn't stay long.  it was hot! and ben was sleepy... but he found balloons and olives!

and some fun that evening.
ben's new roller coaster. thank you kara! 

phew, i'm tired thinking about how busy we were!
looking forward to this weekend, it's a bit slower... yay!


15 months.

i've been a bit negligent in posting ben's montly updates.

- still is not walking. pushes his activity walker like a champ, but nothing on his own.
- loves bike rides and walks. {kinda sounds like a dating ad, no?}
- is a great eater.  nick and i can usually convince him to try something new as long as he has seen one of us take a bite.
- is a dancing fool.
- not a big talker. will say ball, kitty, mama, dada. and uh oh.
- loves to say the word ball and loves to play ball!
- is somewhere between 12 month and 18 month clothing. homey is short.
- tries to feed orbit his snackies.
- loves to be outside.
- has figured out how to work our iphones. can play music from his dad's!
- is enjoying climbing on everything.
- will eat bananas all day every day if you let him.
- finally figured out how to open our cabinets.
- would take a bath forever if we let him. ;-)
- loves to have his teethers brushed.

and a few random pictures... in no particular order.