the shoe-aholic

that's me.
and i now have another person to buy shoes for so it's even better.
remember this post
well, i shopped again! we bought one pair friday from big and little. then i came home and found two more pair on zappos.
his first pair of keens! i don't even have a pair. just a knock off pair that i adore.
and some nike's. so cute.
and i'm thinking i've found some fall ones for him, just have to wait and see how fat his lil feet are then.
he's currently a 4w in sandals. which means 5w in sneakers. at least, he's no longer a double wide!!

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margaret said...

Do you ever shop at REI? They carry Keens and at the end of the season they go on sale. (Which never happens on zappos.) I missed getting any for Owen, but I got these last week for me...
$90 on zappos, I paid $55 at REI. Steal!

Just thought I'd share.