15 months.

i've been a bit negligent in posting ben's montly updates.

- still is not walking. pushes his activity walker like a champ, but nothing on his own.
- loves bike rides and walks. {kinda sounds like a dating ad, no?}
- is a great eater.  nick and i can usually convince him to try something new as long as he has seen one of us take a bite.
- is a dancing fool.
- not a big talker. will say ball, kitty, mama, dada. and uh oh.
- loves to say the word ball and loves to play ball!
- is somewhere between 12 month and 18 month clothing. homey is short.
- tries to feed orbit his snackies.
- loves to be outside.
- has figured out how to work our iphones. can play music from his dad's!
- is enjoying climbing on everything.
- will eat bananas all day every day if you let him.
- finally figured out how to open our cabinets.
- would take a bath forever if we let him. ;-)
- loves to have his teethers brushed.

and a few random pictures... in no particular order.

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Liz said...

Super cute! I especially love the ones of him playing with Orbit. thanks for sharing!