weekend update part two.

i need to be more selective on what photos i share. i just can't help but have picture heavy posts. sorry!

my lilacs bloomed! totally have to trim the tree. it's out of control and cutting down on the amount of flowers it produces!
okay, i'm cheating. this was taken on friday. but what a great way to start a saturday. pretty flowers, great smelling house....

beaner wasn't feeling the greatest saturday. was mr. snuggle bug. had a fever. thankfully, we had some tylenol that wasn't part of the recall! mr. napped until it was time to go to his cousin gabby's first birthday party.  it was outside at lemon lake. brrrr! {trisha, i have more than what i'm posting. i will upload them to a disc and give them to you next time we see each other.}

ben and gigi.

ben and cousin megan.

ben and aunt michelle. he wanted those balloons! was quite funny.

aunt michelle and the birthday girl.

those darn balloons again. this time gibi helped him.

i think i'm going to start a campaign for this to be her new facebook picture!

i don't think she likes the hat.

or the cake...

ben and daddy. it got cold!

awww. another new favorite. so glad to be taking these weekend pictures. have caught some really great ones these past three weeks.

hiding under the blankies it's so cold!

homemade earmuffs!

then dispite the cold, we went to starbucks! 

the cap'n crunch frapp.
how to make it: stawberries and cream frappucino with one pump hazlenut syrup and one pump toffee nut syrup. must add whip cream too!

we got home and ben crashed. he went to bed around 5. didn't wake up until 8 the next morning! poor beanies wasn't feeling well and was a super trooper when we were at the party. kinda made it nice since we babysat wynn...

she thoroughly enjoyed drooling all over ben's toys!

went to alsip. got the rest of the goodies for the garden. yay!

it's planted and done! so exciting. fingers crossed something grows! i was even a dork and made a grid on graph paper plotting out what we planted where and when it'll be ready. i know, i know. i'm an uber dork!

when ben woke up from his nap, we decided to put his sand table together.
he's a fan of the box!

still a fan!

silly boy wanted to play on his slide. had to move it off of the deck since he tried climbing under the table to get to it and was insistent on doing so until we moved it.

he likes it! well, the umbrella at least!

mom, this is pretty cool.

orbit escaped!

ooh, sand!

love it.

yes, there was a pile of sand in his hood, down his sleeve, and in his mouth!


Stacey said...

impressive grid on your planters =). You would be dismayed with my random throwing of seeds and plants into mine =).

Carrie said...

adorable pictures!

Liz said...

I love the picture heavy posts... keep 'em coming! You've got some great ones, and it's fun to see how your weekend went.