we have voles.

no, not moles.


cute little buggers. big pain in the asses.
we have little mazes running through our grass. someone thought it might be moles. however, the tunneled areas aren't raised. it's just missing grass. so strange. i must remember to take a picture! i had one scurry past me this weekend when i was getting water for the plants. didn't get a good look at it. but it was teeny, tiny. so i thought it was a field mouse or something.

we had a pest control man come by and he's coming out to get rid of the lil suckers. thinking that i might have blamed the bunnies for some of the voles destruction. sorry bunnies. ;-)

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Carrie said...

at least you don't have woodchucks building their condo under the cement patio which is under our deck (rather than tearing out the patio, we built the deck over the patio). wish a pest man could take care of the woodchucks...only a .22 gauge does the job right.