sick visit.

had to take wee man into the doctor today. i was completely nervous. i have no idea why. i think i was fearing another blasted ear infection{s}. we were rocking almost 2 full months of being infection free... was doubting our decision to pass on the tubes. wondering if he does have an infection, how long he's had it, could this be why he spiked a random temp last weekend... lots and lots of thoughts going around in my crazy, lil brain.

ben stayed home yesterday and today. had a killer runny nose, cough, and a random fever. the cough was pretty out of control last night so we made the executive decision to take him in today. i don't think either one of us thought he had an infection, but we wanted to make sure.

took him in today and he just has a cold! woohoo! no ear infections. i mean, poor wee man. but woohoo! for the first time in i can't even count {it's gotta be like 8 or 9}, we went in for a sick visit and no antibiotics. so exciting. ;-)

and in other random ben news.
these were his 12 mo stats:  22.8 pounds and  28.3 inches.
and at 14 mos: 22.9 pounds and 29 inches. 
{you think i need to sprinkle him with miracle grow?}

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Liz said...

yay! so glad to hear that it was {just} a cold! No miracle grow required... they grow fast enough without it (says the one who can't believe Grayson's almost 11... how is that possible???!!!)