grey's anatomy.

love that show.
was kinda thinking about giving it up a while back. so glad we didn't.
that season finale last night, pfwhoa.
i want to watch it again. our dvr'd copy was a bit sketchy. thank you stupid storms. yes, i know i just thanked the rain in my previous post. whatever.
was sooo upset when nick told me he was going to bed last night at 8. i was like, wtf... grey's finale? and then i passed out at 8:30! i guess we were both tired. and fighting off some sickies.
today we're both well rested and on the mend.
and totally obsessed with that grey's episode. have to make sure to record it when it re-airs in september. definitely going to need a refresher. that was serious.
had to check out the grey's blog. just to get a little insight.

some thoughts on the episode: {spoiler warning! episode and possible future episodes.}
- i love the chief. yes, i still refer to webber as the chief.
- callie totally should have knocked the gun out of his hand. i know it could have been risky but still.
- i like karev. heard a rumor that he dies. that would make me sad.
- also heard that mer and der's contracts are up... that one of them might go. if mer goes how would it still be grey's anatomy?
- bailey is my hero. i loved her where is this water coming from moment. and with the dying resident. so touching.
- i want a team avery shirt. he is my mchottie. those eyes are killer.
- happy for callie and arizona. i think jessica capshaw is just the cutest. and her being pregnant in real life might get to play into this...
- some of the logistics of a shooter in the  hospital and the swat team annoyed me. but i'm watching this for entertainment, i'll give them some leeway on the details.
- cristina is bad ass.

can't wait for next season!!


Carrie said...

had to be the BEST finale I've ever seen, of any tv show. So intense for the whole two hours.

Trisha said...

I agree about Avery. YUM!

I hope Ellen and Patrick both renew their contracts. It would be strange watching without them in it!

That was such a good episode!!!