5 months!

late of course.

-loves to watch the kitties.
-is digging oatmeal. banana. the rice cereal... not so much.
-started daycare! and thursdays with jane.
-is hating tummy time. {sigh}
-digs the activity center and jumper.
-is thisclose to sitting on his own.
-weighed 17.2 pounds and was 24 inches at his last doctor's visit {a little over four months} so he's probably 18ish pounds and still short. ;o)
-is averaging just about 30cc of formula a day.
-is a talker. i swear he says hey.
-gives the best smiles.
-is starting to pinch.
-is a complete snugglebug. loves to fall asleep on mommy or daddy.
-loves his new muslin blankets.

and since i've sucked at sharing pics, i'm sharing more than just the five month shot ones.

first experience with rice cereal. um, no we didn't have the high chair together yet...

i think i might like this stuff. lemme see.

aw mom, just gimme the bowl...

are mom and dad crazy? they still don't have the highchair together. but that's okay. ben loves his bib more than cereal.

can you believe it? the highchair. and it makes ben happy!!

chilling outside. LOVES to be outdoors.

laying on dad with one of his favorite blankies.

loves, loves, loves the artwork in his room. makes me sooo happy. he says good morning and good night to mo the monkey everyday. and a kinda sorta comparison shot here. {he was 2 mos in that picture...}

the bear/ben shoot. didn't get the best one this month. oh well...

doesn't it look like he's doing 'pop goes the weasel?'

my dad makes me smile. and drool.

yes, i'm a happy baby.

yawn. do we really have to take these pictures mom?

okay, i'm excited. let's take pictures!

what is this thing on my shirt?

the end.


Carrie said...

So stinkin' cute!!

Alison said...

Too cute !!!!!!!!!!