what else...

we are super, super busy. i feel like we've had some where to be every day for like the past two weeks. it's been fun. but leaves no time for blogging. there will be a hella update of pics from labor day weekend. was great. wish it didn't end!

ben is sick again. yay daycare. top that with teething and we have one happy baby. however, that happy baby cried himself back to bed the past few nights. it only took 10 minutes. well, i think one might have been 15ish. makes me happy considering i have heard stories of wee ones crying for hours. our pediatrician let one of his kids cry for like 4 hours. jas and chris said they went about 1 1/2 hours. oy. i cannot imagine. hoping he does it again tonight. it's just that last little bit of sleep... like 330am almost every day. so he's sleeping a solid 8 hours. working on getting him to a solid 11ish!
he's also doing great with the cereal. loves the apple rice flavor i just got him. looking forward to real foods in about a month! weee!! we're gonna make our own. so excited. have an awesome book that i got at our shower. so anxious to try it out!

what else...
-starting an indoor volleyball league tomorrow. thank goodness it doesn't coincide with the bears/packers game. that would make me sad.
-got a new hair cut and color. of course, i cannot make it look as cute as the hair lady.
-went to an awesome coupon class. learned a lot. hoping to start saving some moola. check it out. mummy deals. it's local but i'm sure some of you long distance readers can apply some of her ideas like walgreens and cvs rewards. oh and target policies on coupons and stuff.
-thinking nick's going to join a soccer league.
-i need to get cracking on my scrapping deadline. oy. i swear every year i swear off procrastination and look at me... never works.
-i'm feeling forgetful. i'm sure there is tons more stuff going on but i'm too brain dead to think of it!!

pics soon! ;o)

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Kache said...

You've got a lot going on!

Hopefully Ben is feeling better.
Yay coupons! I love the freaky drugstore combos I can sometimes manage.

Where's the new 'do?