bear down.

mister ben in his bears outfit.
i think it was the first outfit we bought when we were expecting beaner.
i hear miss braiden was bad luck for the bears when she wore her outfit as a wee one. hoping ben is gonna bring good luck!

the first is my fav... then i couldn't decide what to share, so you get like five pictures!


Kache said...

The 4th one cracks me up

Carrie said...

Great pictures! May have to find a Packer shirt to send him :o)


Anonymous said...

Tell Carrie not to waste her time and/or money, Ben is a Loyal Bears Fan. Besides, his eyes are Blue not Green! GO BEARS

Brandy said...

tee hee, i love it!!

Lora said...

I agree...first one is the best! TOTAL CUTIE PIE!