i cannot believe it's been over a week. well, yes i can. it's been a bit hectic. what else is new? ;0)
dad is home and doing well. have been over there a few times to check on him and even took them dinner on friday.

lots of birthday festivities. i swear we have a gillion birthdays in from june to august. it's insane.

beaner is doing well. have him on a schedule where he naps more. i guess that's what happens when dad is home with him and finds time to read a book. in the beginning it messed up his nighttime schedule. now he's a sleeping champ again! last night he went down at 730 and didn't get up until 3. rock on wee man!
were taking his three month pictures when he became a bit crabby. had to put him down for a nap. hope to continue this evening. also want to take some father's day pictures. yes, i'm behind. saw a cute, cute, cute idea on two peas ages ago and have had it in my brain since we had a boy. the ones we took before baby meltdown were adorable. going to try again and try some minus the diaper. so all you dads, i owe you pictures. and to everyone else. i also owe you pictures. hoping to order from robin soon! sorry, i suck. ;o)

have been a scrapping machine. thanks to a looming rsc deadline! off to get more work done before beaner wakes and it's off to another birthday party!


Kache said...

I'm glad to hear your dad is doing better!
Can't wait to see the new pics

Brandy said...

can't wait to see your new idea from two peas! glad dad's feeling better and super glad he gets the random pee tests too! who knew they could be so useful?!