music love

nick and i are huge fans of sytycd. it's one of the only tv shows we watch.
for those of you not up on abbreviations it's so you think you can dance.

we've found lots of music we like through the show. imogen heap and roisin murphy. found a new one last night. it totally shocked me. emmy rossum. didn't realize she was a darn opera singer. i know she was in phantom of the opera but still. here's the song that i'm now obsessed with.
krystn, if you knew about this and didn't share... we're fighting. ;o) you know i'm kidding, but seriously next time fill me in!!

also found a few more songs that i'm diggin: winter song by sara bareilles & ingrid michaelson and moonray by zap mama. just have to investigate all of them and see what albums are worth purchasing on itunes...

and one of my favorite iphone apps, shazam, {pure awesomeness} makes it so easy to find the artist and song title of any song. great in the car and on tv! then there's pandora. can find new artists from the ones you like. so great. and i know it's old, but i'm just now using it to its full potential!

k. enough. this link happy post can now come to an end.
oh wait, if you have any music that i think i should check out, please share!! ;o)

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Kache said...

Um, oops. Yeah, I kinda saw her video (on youtube no less) a couple months back. ;)

Going to have to check out roisin murphy and zap mama, haven't heard of them!

And I LOVE winter song too. Found it around christmastime. So cool! Like a few songs on that album.

Woohoo for music posts