funny story.

today my mom and i drove to chicago to visit my dad.
i am beyond sick of their parking garage. yesterday i had to park on the roof. no biggie. however, when i got in the car, i noticed a funky film on my windows. tried to use the wipers, no such luck. nasty splotches that so aren't helping with visibility.
whatevs. will use some windex when i get home. and all will be well.
nick tried. it is like a sticky something or other over my entire car! have to go get a car wash. the kicker. it looks like it's going to storm like crazy. the car wash attendant thinks i'm crazy, i'm sure of it! thankfully, the car wash helped a bit. think one more go through it and it might be back to normal...
anywho. today i get to the garage and have to park on the top. again. this time i steer clear of the funky machines that spewed this filth onto my car. and park a bit aways. i tried to avoid it, but couldn't. even drove the darn garage twice. even posted on my facebook page that i was sick of parking garages.
so i'm parked. done. walk to the lobby where i'm supposed to meet mom and my phone rings. it's mom. where are you she asks. in the lobby, waiting for you. why, what's up is my reply. her answer...
i'm lost in the parking garage. where do i park? hiliarious. my mom is so not a city person. so proud of her and the fact that she drove herself up there. totally cracked up by the fact that the parking garage gave her the most trouble!
so i tell her to tell me what floor she's on. i'm walking back to the garage. i'll meet her and we can come back together. but she can't tell me where she is! finally get it out of her that she is on the third floor. great. i make my way to the elevator bay on the third floor. tell mom to meet me there since she's now found a spot.
she tells me she is there. um, no. mom are you sure you are on the third floor. um, yeah...
um, nope! she was on floor two! had to run down the stairs and meet her really quickly. ended up having to draw her a map on how to find her car when she makes it to the garage. then how to get out... follow the exit signs.
she's too cute!
love that my dad drives and she doesn't have to worry about those kinds of things.
talked to her when she got home. she made it out of the garage with no troubles. so yay!
gave her a hard time and told her she needs to valet tomorrow.
i'm the sure the garages won't be as crowded tomorrow since it's the weekend.

and dad...
he's doing good. doc is thinking he goes home sunday or monday. we'll see what tomorrow brings.


Monica said...

that's hilarious. a similar thing happened to my parents at the hospital here.

amy said...

haven't checked up on the new parents in a while! Glad to hear you're making the back to work adjustment! He's a handsome little guy- TFS the pics!

Sorry to hear about your Dad's troubles but happy to hear he's recovering well. Sounds like your Mom is as much of a city person as me- funny story!

psucolleen said...

lol! she's too cute! Hoping your dad made it home as planned for Sunday or yesterday!

Kache said...

Ok that's funny. Totally something I would do!