we're alive.
just super, super busy.
has been nonstop go since i went back to work. this week is looking busy too.

i survived my first week at work. wasn't too terrible. was a bit tired. nick was awesome and did three nights of ben duty in a row. i then did three to make up for it. was nice to be able to sleep those first few nights back. we've also instituted a ben watch schedule. it's nice because we each have weeknights free to do 'me' things.

had crazy, busy, fun weekend. grad parties, campfires, sleepovers. good times. lots of pictures taken. will share soon. hoping this weekend.

hoping dad's surgery goes well. have thursday off. and nick is off thursday and friday. not sure if i'm heading up there for the surgery or not. still don't know what time it will be. will do whatever we need to help out... taking it one day at a time.

benny is doing well. such a trooper. chilled at the grad parties. even slept on a picnic table at one of them! has been sleeping from 730ish to 2ish. then 2ish-530ish and back to bed and wakes up again when my mom is here babysitting. had a few nights last weekend where he was up every 1 to 2 hours. thankfully, that was not the case last night. fingers crossed it is gone and he continues to sleep!! cannot believe he is almost three months old. eeek!

promise a picture post by the end of the weekend... i hope. ;o)

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Kache said...

That's great that you both have "me" time during the week!

I hope your dad's surgery goes well.