my last week as a sahm. aka maternity leave.
heading in to work this afternoon to get caught up on everything i've missed. baby ben is hanging with dad at work when i'm there. apparently, his staff needed their baby fix and was requesting a visit. they watched him for a few hours when i went to a doctor's appointment with my dad, so they are old friends!
ready but not ready to go back. i enjoy being with the weeman but i also miss my job. my patients. and believe it or not, my coworkers! ;o)
not going back full time. will be off on fridays. hoping that grandma lydia and ben have a fun summer together. he is going to daycare in the fall. gonna chill with aunt laura.

lots going on in the next few weeks. hoping i can be a good updater. i will try i promise.
off to upload and order some ben pictures so my patients don't yell at me for being pictureless!


Liz said...

wow... hard to believe you're going back already. I hope it's a smooth transition for all of you! It's nice that you'll be off Fridays... hope you don't fall off the face of the earth, but I understand if you need some time to adjust to the new 'normal'! ;)

Anonymous said...

Back to work already? The time went by fast!

Good luck with the transition :)