that's twice today i've used that word. okay, so both were online. one via pm and one here. but still. gonna try to start using never you mind too.
so i finished harry. way good. way different than what i thought. but still, a good read. gonna reread it for all those lost details i tend to skim over first time around.
have a funny nicholas story. ;o)
went to the grocery store for me on friday. the boy was wearing crazy orange scrubs. very pertinent. so he walks up to the produce section and proceeds to nab me some cherries, and the lady next to him drops her fruit and slowly walks backward. he notices strange looks and people scurrying away from him. apparently, they thought he was a convict! granted he was missing the lettering across his chest, but as soon as he told me the story i could totally understand! and seriously people, do you think a criminal's first stop is going to be the cherry stand in the produce section of their nearest grocery store?!
trying to upload pics to flickr. been quite some time.
any tricks or tips rebel owners... do you resize your pics before uploading or do you let flickr do that for ya?
if you are interested, keep an eye out in the my picture section. should be boatloads of pictures appearing within the next week.
think this might be a week to regroup before more craziness.
lots to do, hoping to dent the heck out of my to do list!


too excited to sleep.

are you thinking of that disney commercial yet? such a cute little guy!
anywho. no, i'm not too excited to sleep. but yes, i'm excited. a wee bit nervous. for all of you who are beyond confused, i'm talking about mr. pott-ah. for us americans, it's harry potter. i do love those accents! ;o)
and brandy, i'm entering dorkdom again and going to the midnight release. i will not be dressing up tho. can't wait to see everyone. not just because i think it's cute. because i might laugh and point at some of them too!
i'm even prepared for a night of reading. bought an energy drink at the gas station after yoga. the name made me giggle. if i hadn't of noticed that, i probably wouldn't have bought it. see for yourself...
had some redbull sugarfree for the black friday midnight shopping spree and it was awesome. hoping this will do the same!
and am trying to show the utmost restraint and not click on any harry potter links. not sure i want to know the ending before reading the book. so would have been upset had i known who died in the sixth book before i read it... see, i'm nice. no spoilers.
anywho. have to get a good night's sleep... will have lots of reading ahead!


tag again?!

i feel like a little kid with all this tagging go around! ;o)

here it goes. and same rules apply... if you haven't played, please do so! i love reading about everyone!

What were you doing ten years ago?
had just graduated from high school. was way nervous about college. enjoying being a kid. well, maybe i didn't realize i was enjoying it at the time. but looking back, sigh, would love to have some of those carefree days back. not that i don't like my life, but you know, no responsibilities kinda thing... ack, i'm rambling. next question.

Five snacks you enjoy:
-potato chips {i don't discriminate. well, no salt and vinegar please...}
-smores made with heath bars. YUMMY!
-chips and salsa

-fritos or tortialla chips with melted cheese
-pickles or olives
-{can you tell i love salt smores excluded.}

Five songs you know all the lyrics to:
-sir mix a lot - baby got back.
-nsync/justin timberlake/jc chasez - pretty much every song.
-vanilla ice - ice, ice baby. {can do the dance too... well, i could!}
-tori amos - anything from little earthquakes.
-dj sammy - heaven
l-ots more... i'm a music dork!

Things you would do if you were a millionaire:
hmmm. pay off bills. buy a new home just the one we are planning on building, nothing crazy! help our families financially. save for the future. donate to charities {help our friend get his youth center started}. travel everywhere! learn to cook properly. have a crazy, huge cd collection. probably a dvd one too for nicholas. well, after listing all of these things i would have to be a bajillionaire....

Five bad habits:
-i bite my nails.
-pick split ends {this has decreased dramatically since i've left school!}
-mindless internet surfing when i should be doing something productive. might call this laziness.
-i procrastinate.

Five things you like to do:
-spend time with friends and family, nicholas is included too!
-learn {anything!}
-play puzzle or card games.

Things you will never wear again:
-pinch rolled jeans.
-two different colored socks. layered...
-a bottle of hairspray in my hair trying to get the proper 'wave'.
-a cap and gown. as much as i like to think about going back to school... don't think it'll happen.
-scrunchies. blech.

Things I love to wear:
-flip flops.
- tank tops. {the last two show my love of all things NOT winter. ;o)
-lotion or body spray. silky soft and smells good too!
-anything informal and comfortable.



made it though one of the craziest work weeks ever. it actually went surprisingly well. but i think that is part of the joy of being a pessimist. when you expect the worst, you tend to be pleasantly surprised and not let down if you are optomistic.
had a way fun fourth and busy weekend. so excited for this weekend. hoping to head to michigan with nick's dad, his girlfriend, and their daughter. they have a place on a lake. place = trailer. but still. gonna go tubing maybe jet skiing. eat. drink. and be merry. can't wait.
and tomorrow night is harry potter. midnight tickets at the imax showing with nick's mom. so taking a nap when i get home! ;o)
and totally enjoying the rebel. my fil used to be way into photography too. so he's diggin the camera. asked him to take a pic of nick and myself... i think he might have the rebel bug. will have to teach me some mad photo skills this weekend. even suggested that tamron lens, colleen! nick was like okay... i just have to get up the nerve to spend the money!
here's a pic of me and my man. courtesy of fil. edited with some new actions... i think i did color wash. can't remember. yeah, i suck!
oh and in other good news... we now both have passports! yippee. took only two weeks with the expediated process. i got mine on saturday and nick got his today. so exciting. we can now officially travel to jamaica in october! woot, woot!

and time for some random pics... just cuz i've been sucking on the twelfth on the twelfth... ;o)
this batch will be from the tequilla tasting. yum and fun! can't wait for the next one!!

me and my not so littler brother kevin...

nick's mom, myself, and nick. ignore the cut off head. my coworker was apparently really enjoying the tequilla.

my mom and dad... again ignore the cut off head. i told you she liked the tequilla!

all of us. and fyi. nick's mom doesn't normally have blue lips. not sure how that happend. the other people are nick's two nurses and their husbands.

self explanatory. me and nicholas.

random fourth pics... well, from all the festivities.
nick's dad, his girlfriend, and her daughter. should totally be married would make explaining that much easier!

brianna being my model. that girl will do anything to have her picture taken.

one that kevin's friend took of me on the fourth. like the funkiness of it... didn't know he was taking it. love those.

one from the weekend. tried to upload more but i think blogger hates me with all these pics. tried rotating it in photoshop... not sure i liked the shadows. might have to take a right side up one next time i'm there. til then... you get my favorite pic of the summer so far! ;o)


hell week.

starts tomorrow. :o(
lots of staff on vacation. the last week before my doctor leaves for almost a month. and the fourth. so we are one day short in an already insane week. sigh.
at least i have a break halfway through it, right?

looking forward to taking pics of the fireworks with my new camera. even got a cheat sheet for how to shoot fireworks as a freebie with the big picture class. might have to sit outside tomorrow too and see if i can nab any. heading to nick's aunt and uncle's for free viewing the 3rd. should be a nice night tuesday. just hoping it doesn't rain.

got some sun today. yay! burnt a bit. boo! i guess my suntan lotion needed reapplying... will i ever learn?

so in honor of hell week. i thought i should post some patient funnies. well, they are funny to me and some of my coworkers...
-the crazy little german man with the short shorts on and some dead sexy knee high socks with the two little stripes on top pulled up to his knees thinking he is the shit.
-the sometimes minister {he wears the collar whenever he pleases, i think} who wears a ghetto gangsta letterman's jacket in the winter. now that it's summer. he's sporting the i <3>