bre tagged me. so here i go!

7 people that I admire
- nicholas
- my mom
- my dad
- my grandma
- my lil bro
- christy
- anyone who goes out of their way to support something they believe in.

7 things I say often
- seriously.
- sh!t.
- i'm hungry.
- the f bomb.
- love you.
- nick's favorite... rub my back!
-how are you feeling today. are you in any pain? any nausea or vomitting? hwo is your energy? how's your appetite? eating okay? sleeping okay? {have to include it. i ask every single patient!}

7 things I cannot do
- camera one, camera two. camera two is broken.
- get used to getting up at 6:30 am.
- go to the gym in the summer. it's just too nice outside.
- stick to a budget. especially a scrapbooking one.
- say no. but i'm working on it. and it's getting better!
- the splits. those days are long gone.
- parallel park. scares the heck out of me. {can't even keep my eyes open when someone else does it!}

7 things you might not know about me
- i had a cast on my foot as a bambino.
- i won an art contest in middle school.
- i tend to hold grudges.
- i love reading. plan to get a library card this weekend... see budget topic from above!
- i'm a cheese freak. string, colby jack, cheetos, doritos, shredded on salads and tacos... YUM!
- i once drove around with people in my trunk. yes they were alive, yes i was stupid, no it wasn't last week!
- i've never lived alone.

7 movies I enjoyed
- shawshank redemption
- how to lose a guy in 10 days
- summer rental
- failure to launch
- anything harry potter
- both pirates of the caribbean movies
- wedding crashers
the list could totally go on and on. we are movie nuts!

7 things I wish I could change in my life
- being so impatient.
- that i was more forgiving
- exercise more...
- eat healthier
- that i was more of a green thumb
- would have kept a journal during the younger years.
- spend more time with friends and family.

7 books I have read and would read again
- harry potter
- harry potter
- harry potter
- harry potter
- harry potter
- harry potter
- and the not yet released harry potter
i really don't reread. hence, the library card idea.

7 people who should do this!
-anyone who reads this and hasn't already done it despite bre's demands! ;oP


Brandy said...

Okay, I did it too. I love grudges, I enjoy the drama of talking schmack so much. It is fun and I would be devestated to be on the receiving end of a grudge

Stacey said...

I always enjoy reading these things...learning more about someone. Maybe I'll do it too, give me something to blog about =)

Kache said...

Very funny list. I like the people in the trunk and your book choices

Breana said...

crack me up girl!!!