ahoy maties...

had a peaceful, relaxing weekend. loved it.
friday night was girl's night out... so the craziness didn't end til saturday. ;) always dread going. but always feel better than i went when all is said and done. i think part of it is that it's the end of the week. that i usually want to curl up on the catch and veg.
so yesterday we hung out at my parent's. love that they have a pool. laughed our patooties off. good times with the two of us, kevin, and his friend chuckie. did nothing that night... ventured back to the parent's today. did i mention i love the pool? actually i have this thing for sunlight. just being in it. seeing it. makes me feel sooo much better. i swear i have season affective disorder. the winter months bum me out! that and i look sickly when i don't have a tan. i know, not necessarily the healthiest addiction. i swear, i'm going to try the new aerosol sprays soon... just not the same as feeling the sun on your skin.
went to an early showing of pirates. good movie. long. not sure why any movie needs to be longer than two hours. my adhd self cannot sit still that long! have come to the conclusion that i prefer will turner to legolas. yes, my husband loves lord of the rings. at least there is some eye candy. hello stridor!
now it's another evening of vegging. well, i really need to reorganize my space. i have a lot of crap. i vow to show restrain with cha. can't even use the crap i have... sigh. why do they have to make such cute stuff?! ;)


Kache said...

I'm "dreading" cha stuff too!
That movie was kinda long wasn't it. :)

Brandy said...

I don't see how "eye candy" and "Lord of the Rings" can make it into the same sentence...=)

Meredith said...

Will Turner...Legolas....


I just can't choose. LOL!