productivity rules...

then tires your ass out.
got sooo much done this weekend. didn't even have the crap i did on my to do list!

-scrapped 8 pages for knk's august kit. love it. think i might have been possessed. all were done on saturday. in maybe less than 8 hours. 5 are cards, otherwise it would have been forever!
-cleaned out our entire master closet. rearranged. color coded. i think it was like that last year... somehow it went and undid itself! have 6 bags for goodwill. did that in record time too. about 4 hours!
-watched two movies with nicholas: domino and the fog. domino was better than expected. the fog... eh.
-got my library card!

now i'm all settled in. the flowers are watered and i'm back in my pjs. gotta love comfort. ready to relax the evening away!


Breana said...

i'm tired now, lol! glad you had a productive weekend! so jealous about the kit! :( hope i get to see your pages in your gallery!

Kache said...

Awesome time management skills you have there, can't wait to see the knk pages!
Well at least you could stare at Tom Welling while watching the Fog...

KJ said...

You wore me out just reading what you did. Almost puts me in the mood to clean out my own closets....almost. :)