out of shape.

no not in that way. well, yes. i am out of shape in that sense too. but this is all about my drinking, partying days and ways. they are so over.
last night nick and i went out with my mom, dad, and brother to celebrate his 21st birthday. we went to the boats. my parents are crazy addicted. they are always on the darn things! so they decided we should go since we celebrated my 21st there.
it was a blast. we snuck into the vip area and had a few too many! mom and dad are drinking champs! i always knew my dad could hang but my mom kinda impressed me....only because it took her two drinks before she was a wee bit drunk instead of her usual one! we were finally able to meet their favorite bartendress. is that even a word? my mom insists on calling her that. she was very fun! she even shares my birthday!
the dinner was entertaining. went to the buffet. kev and nick hit the mongolian wok. mom, dad, and myself stuck with the regular buffet. the food was good. i think the company was even better. it's kinda strange hanging with the parents. i guess it's that change from parent to friend kinda thing. i mean they are always your parents but at one point you see them differently. something just clicks. they become more human. does this even make sense? well, hearing them talk and tell their stories just makes them more real. and easier to understand. let me tell you, my father is not the easiest man in the world to get along with but he has had one heck of a journey. i guess everyone has. it's just taking the time to get to 'know' the real them. why they are who they are. sorry. off on a shannon tangent.
back to the gambling. well, nick and i stunk. i was ahead at video poker. mind you, i was not nearly brave enough to hit the real tables. that and i so hate gambling. i would rather spend the money on something concrete. i know gambling gives you the chance to make more but forget that chance. i want the odds on favorite. to know 100% that i'm getting something for my dollar. not just sitting there blindly inserting money into a machine. so not my thing.
mom was absolutely hilarious. she told us the odds on all the machines. knew were everything was. knew the bonus levels for each machine. she cracks me up! not sure if anyone came out ahead except kevin. i think it was $10! but mom did slip us all $10 each so we didn't do too bad! we left an hour or so before they did. had to take a 3 hour nap to recover! i was so tired and draggin butt at work today. what happened to me? i used to be able to do this every night of the week. ah, the good ole college days. where does time go?
gonna upload and share some photos....can't wait to scrap them. but the developing will wait. we have the museum tomorrow and k's party sunday!

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Meredith said...

I have to laugh about you being out of shape. Strange how quickly that changes, isn't it?? LOL!

I have to admit, I really enjoy being around my parents. They are so much like "Real" people now. I love to just sit and talk and I WANT them to be around. I guess it's a rite of passage type thing. Parents becoming friends...