addicted to poker.

i have a problem. i'm obsessed. now i don't actually gamble but i'm obsessed with watching it. i love it. been watching espn, gsn, and the travel channel for my fix. doesn't matter if it's professional or celebrity. if it's on, i'm sucked in.
kinda scary, i'm actually learning the odds and the science of betting. i so dont' think i could be good at it in real life. i would have a heck of a time bluffing. that and i tend to believe everyone. so i could never pick out the bluffer! :)
nick thinks i should play online and make some money. little does he know, i would probably lose it all! tomorrow we are heading to the boats to celebrate my lil bro's 21st again. i need to stay away from the tables. at least with money in hand, i would love to sit and watch in person. observe everyone's tells, habits.
maybe poker is so interesting to me because i'm such a people watcher. not that i would actually log it in my brain how they reacted to a certain situation...i just love watching the reaction period. i really don't like psychology so where the heck does this come from?


Meredith said...

You're so funny! I bet you could make a TON of money! You'll have people all over the world owing you poker money. LOL!

Lynn said...

ROFL sounds like here. Just dont download any of the free poker sites. You will never get anything done.

Jill said...

Be afraid, Shannon. Be very afraid! I'm afraid that if I ever started gambling in any shape, form or fashion (aside from the rare visit to the racetrack) I'd be a goner!