guilty pleasures...

we all have them. it's okay. i'm not afraid to share some of mine....trashy magazines. love them. i totally shouldn't but i can't help it. they are a must on any long distance trip! it's great. one of my coworkers and i argue over who is going to read the us weekly or people magazine first. :) we have found a new obsession lately....a blog. pink is the new blog
this site is sooo funny to me. it totally fulfills one of my guilty pleasures daily and with the added commentary. gotta love it. well, maybe only if you are into the gossip!
but back to my magazines. well, they have totally turned me off on one of my celebrity crushes. brad pitt. ah, poor jen. i understand that we don't know all of the details or any for all we know. we just know they are no longer. it so bummed me out when i heard the news. they were quite possibly the cutest couple ever. i just couldn't possibly imagine my life playing out in front of the entire world. so, at times, i do feel a wee bit of remorse for this guilty habit. but i don't think it's gonna stop me...
a second guilty pleasure... a bunch of mtv shows. i love punk'd. so mean and cruel yet so friggin hilarious. i would hate it anyone did that to me, but i love watching it happen to someone else. mean, i know. then real world. now it really varies on this one. i usually don't like them. but this season {austin} has me absolutely hooked. the one that gets me EVERY stinkin time?? any of the real world vs. road rules challenges or battle of the sexes. omg, i love them. why? i haven't the foggiest. lemme tell you it isn't because my life lacks drama. maybe it's just because i don't have to be a part of all that drama....who knows!

now those are just two that i can think of and that i want to admit to at this time! :)

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Jill said...

I agree, Shan. I love People magazine. And I don't go to movies, concerts OR watch much television. (embarrassed!) But I LOVE the Pink Blog! TFS!