a fun little date day!

so nick and i actually had a date day. just the two of us, no interruptions! so fun, so expensive! we started off saturday by going to the museum of science and industry. i wanted to see the bodyworlds exhibit and nick is a video game freak so we decided to check out the game on one too!
the game on exhibit was so much fun. nick was in heaven. video games all around! we had a blast playing all the different games. it was crazy to see how it all started and they had some ideas for games of the future. very cool.
i was kinda let down by bodyworlds. don't get me wrong, it's absolutely amazing. but it was so darn crowded. there were people everywhere! i know we probably shouldn't have picked a saturday to go but that was our only option! besides the crowdedness...it was mind boggling. it did give me flashbacks to the old days of anatomy and physiology in college. i almost broke out in a sweat thinking i was going to be quized on all of this information in the end! the bodies were too freakin cool. how they positioned them. what they were able to show. how the heck they were able to do it.
after the museum we headed to the john hancock building. went to the top of the cock! neither nick nor myself had been up to the viewing deck. was super cool. could see everything. we lucked out and had a pretty clear day. got some cool pics of us...well, the shadow of the building. have a lo in my head already! :) we walked to water tower afterwards. i wanted a kenneth cole purse. but they didn't have it...boo! i guess it's for the better. not like i NEEDED it!
had an awesome dinner at the cheesecake factory. another first for me. not sure how or why it is that i have never eaten there before. considering nick's mom lived downtown for a few years! oh well, so good. had awesome pesto pasta and nick had the ribeye. we were both so full we had to take our cheesecake to go!
got home watched garden state. nick hated it. i didn't mind it. so fun to know that it was just the two of us all day long. that we had no one else to worry or think about! well, nick was on call but thankfully he didn't get any calls!
today was k's birthday party for the family! i'm such a party pooper. i slept on the couch for most of it. i told ya, i'm getting old. now just relaxing...dreading going to work tomorrow! ;)

the only pic of nick and i from our fabulous date day! it's not real! they take your pic infront of the green screen before you get on the elevator to go to the observatory. thought it was pretty cool. nick's mad that i'm holding all of our stuff! but i think it gives it character!


Carmen said...

Shannon, what a fun day! You and Nick should have more of these Date days!

Carrie said...

What a fun day!