so this weekend stunk. okay. maybe only sunday. had to move the mother in law again. so darn hot and sticky out. had to stop by two houses before stopping at our final destination and had to move stuff to the 3rd floor. and guess what? no elevator!!
thank goodness for friends. jay and chris were awesome. such troopers. helped us the whole day. and russ and willie each helped at different locations. they are so great. i love and appreciate all of my friends. i'm sure they have no idea but they truly all have a special spot in my heart. may sound sappy but it couldn't be more true!
i love having a core of friends who you know you do not have to see or talk to constantly yet they will be there for you in a minute. it is so hard as life goes on. work and families come in the way and priorities rearrange. you can't keep going to the bars and hanging out. responsibilities and finances interfere...it stinks but it makes me cherish our time together that much more. same goes for family. i know we are born with a family so in a way we are stuck but for the most part, i'll keep mine! ;)
back to the exhausting part...remind me if nick and i decide to relocate that we will hire movers. or an entire army or fleet of people. not just 6!! how about we sell the house as is and buy everything new and just have it delivered. am i the queen of lazy or what?
thankfully, we finished before 3 and were able to crash with jas and chris. ate some good mexican, endulged in some margaritas, and i finally saw the last star wars. episode 6! i know, i know. i haven't seen them before...i must live on a different planet. especially considering my husband is a sw junkie! but i held out and watched them in order numerically. 1 thru 6. my favorites were 3 and 6.
now i just got to get nick to see charlie and the chocolate factory with me. loved the movie when i was younger and just finished the book. so movie here i come. i just hope i can manage that now that deuce bigalow european giglo is out...i know that is nick's vote! haha.
enough rambing...off to let the mind rest!

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Jill said...

Oh, Shan. Movers. Hire them. They're worth their weight in gold, trust me! OTOH, having friends that WILL help out is great, too. Not everyone will do something like that.