summer storms...

is this not the wickedest looking sunset? wednesday night, nick and i were watching so you think you can dance and he all of the sudden sat upright and bolted outside. after stopping to grab my camera i followed. it was amazing. the clouds, the colors. soo pretty. yet kinda eerie at the same time. nick snapped this picture as i was watching the lightning storm to the south. it was incredible. i have never seen anything like it. nick and i laid in the grass and watched. it was almost like fireworks all over again. many of our neighbors were outside watching too! every so often you would hear the oohs and ahhs. but the whole time it was very quite. almost no thunder at all. and the lightning almost never went vertical. it was many spider like fingers jumping from cloud to cloud.
the only time i have ever seen anything close to this, was a couple of lightning storms while we were in arizona. but this one by far takes the cake.

i have always tried to capture lightning on film and have never been able to do it. i tried my darndest while watching the above mentioned arizona storm. i took like 30 pictures of pure blackness! unfortunately, i still haven't been able to...but my talented hubby did. he got this amazing picture. kinda funny since it's a vertical strike which i just claimed were very rare! still it's a way cool picture and i'm so proud of him for snapping it. we all know that it was pure luck and no skill but where the heck was my luck?! maybe i can still claim it as mine! ;)


Meredith said...

Wow! What gorgeous pictures! I don't blame you guys. I would have been sitting out there watching the sky too.

Carrie said...

Awesome pictures! I too would've been out there watching.