i'm in one of those moods. want to do so much. have so many thoughts and ideas running thru this little brain of mine and not nearly enough time to get it all out! i also have a ton of stuff i need to get done this weekend. birthday shopping, recipe swap for knk, some landscapping things (no i haven't learned after the wasp debacle!), miscellaneous errands, cleaning, organizing, scrapping just for me! there is so much i want to do! now it's rare for these moods to happen. usually, i just want to come home and crash after such an exhausting work week. but then i get home and run, run, run! i have a feeling that this bit of go in me might soon wear out.
i have gotten some stuff done so that is exciting. i should make a list. i get such a thrill out of crossing items off of it! i know. so very type a of me.
but back to my desire to accomplish and be productive. i have no idea why it only comes in spurts. i just have to be in the right mindset i guess. nick's already made a comment that he hopes i don't find stuff for him to do too! too late. i already had him putzing around! i really don't think there is much else....just laundry!
enough ramblings already, i'm off to be productive! ;)

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stevie.be. said...

sounds like you are quite the busy beaver! hope your weekend went well!