i did it...

i was productive almost all weekend. i'm so proud of myself! i was able to cross most of the things off of my list. i finished the recipe swap, shopped for mom, returned the shoes..got new ones! cleaned, scrapped for me! i didn't touch the landscaping. my martha skills need some serious help! i need to find fake flowers to put in front of the house. nothing grows there...too much darn sunlight! oh well, just gonna pull up my dead gerbers and leave the pots there until next spring! we didn't get to go to the perogi fest either. probably a good thing. we don't need to spend any more money. i'm seriously on a money kick again! we're talking about a 7 day carribean cruise in late november/early december with two of our best friends and i totally should be saving for that and paying off other bills. not creating new ones!
i know, easier said than done. i would love to save at least one of our paychecks a month. it's totally feasible. just a little intimidating. i'm not sure why. but it is. maybe i'll give it a whirl for a month or two. after i try it, it shouldn't be too hard to stay on track, right?! back to the perogi fest..we can watch it on the travel channel. it's supposed to be featured soon. kinda why i wish we could have fit it in. but i would much rather have a little down time rather than go, go, go!
i know nick feels the same way. we were able to hang out at mom and dad's today. i love laying out by the pool. reading a trashy magazine or fun book! getting some sun! so great. so relaxing! gonna miss summer! but then again, i'm sure i will find the good in every season...well, i hope so. i am in indiana. i don't have another option!
still have the productive vibes running thru me. they so need to fizzle out. i have to go to bed soon! back to the daily grind of the work week. yuck. still have to fold laundry and would love to straighten up my scrap area!
hope everyone had a fun and/or productive weekend! ;) i'll leave you with a picture of my recipe swap! the purples didn't scan right...but you get the point!


Jill said...

I love the recipe page! Very very cute!

stevie.be. said...

awww what a cute little recipe! ;)