i heart harry...

yes, i can admit it. i'm a harry potter freak. i totally never in a million years thought that i would be sucked in!! i had heard nothing but good things about the series but still had no desire. can i just say that i am so glad that i caved in and bought book one.
i know i have mentioned it before. but seriously, j.k. rowling rocks. these are so not children's books. all her twists and turns. i am constantly finding myself skipping ahead because i want to know now what is going on. i've reread all of the books at least once. it is mind-boggling all the tiny details that i miss due to my skimming habit. i still have to go back and reread six.
couldn't believe how different this one was. so good, yet sad. i am gonna have one heck of a time waiting for book 7. i wonder how big that one will be!
and i like my movies too. they definitely aren't as good as the book but they are entertaining nonetheless. can't wait for goblet of fire. i saw a sneak peak in the entertainment weekly (i think) at work. it was kinda sad...my coworkers were like, 'shan, harry potter is in this new magazine...i put it on your desk since we knew you would read it!' too funny... just wait. i am trying to convert them all! they will see. harry is addicting!
i was kinda bummed to have missed out on the midnight release of hbp. but was exhausted. so i'm sure i wouldn't have enjoyed it. i really must try to make it to the final release. i've never done anything like that before. nick has. he's a huge video dweeb. went to the midnight release of halo. i made fun of him. and now i want to do it. karma.... oh well, he's going with me! ;) we did make it to barnes n noble before they ran out of the goodies they were passing out. we snagged a poster, some bracelets, and some rockin glasses. nick might kill me if he knows i posted this here...i snapped this in the car right after we got our copy! maybe i should add mine too.. it's only fair right?! and yes, i know...we are dorks! :)


Meredith said...

LOL! I love the pictures! (And I won't tell Nick you posted it here)

I love the books and the movies and, heck, the entire thing myself! In fact, I was absolutely thrilled when Nick was born and had a birthmark on his forehead (which looks remarkably like a lightning bolt). No one else seemed to think it was very interesting, but I thought it was hillarious! It's fading now as he gets older, but if he ever starts rubbing it or anything, I'll be on the lookout! LOL!

I'm so glad there are other adults who like this "children's series" as much as I do!

Carrie said...

Great pictures Shannon (and I won't tell Nick either :) ). Another Harry Potter fan here too.

Jill said...

LOL at the pictures Shannon. And you know that I LOVE the HP books. Heck, my dad's 76 and he loves them, too!