bowling for boobs...

yup. went bowling last night. it was for a fundraiser for the susan koreman breast cancer foundation....affectionately dubbed bowling for boobs. it was fun. hadn't been bowling in ages and i had been bugging nick about going. i bowled horrendously....didn't break 100. but christy and nick did pretty well. jas was stuck at his baseball game with the kiddies, so he missed out on all the fun. jax and nick also came along. i so thought they would be much better considering they had their own balls and shoes. now that is serious! but jax only beat me 1/3 games. and christy kicked butt bowling a 163 or something her first game. it was insane!
we won lots of door prizes and everytime someone got a strike they got a free voucher for an ice cream cone at dairy queen. yum! surprisingly, i did manage to get a few!
considering my right eye was swollen...i swear i have the worst luck. lemme explain. i was helping nick put in landscaping lights and readjust one of our drooping trees and as i was holding the tree, so nick could secure it, a g-d wasp stung me on my eyelid. yes, my eyelid. at first i didn't know exactly what happened. just that something that shouldn't have been on my face was....so i freaked out and ran inside and began putting cold water on my face. decide i'm feeling a bit better and go outside. then i realize that i can't see so well. why? because my eyelid was swelling shut! ibuprofin, benadryl, and ice packs later the swelling kinda subsided. i still have a bit of a discoloration to the lid and slight puffiness. after some research, nick found the damn wasp's nest in the tree that we were rearranging....he sprayed the little buggers...hope they are all dead!
today we have just been relaxing. went to mom and dad's to hang out by the pool, got some sun, swam a little, and finally got to crack open harry potter. made it to page 100 already. i love j.k. rowling. she is a ninja. love her writing style and her imagination...goodness! when is 7 coming out? ;)
talked about seeing charlie and the chocolate factory tonight. not sure if that will happen. got a lot that i want to do around the house: laundry, cleaning, reorganizing, getting ready for some new furniture!
enough babbling...off to read harry or do some work!


Jill said...

Ow, your eye. Shannon, how is it? I hope that it's better. What a place to get stung! The Bowling for Boobs sounds like a lot more fun. (Hire a landscaper for the trees!)

Meredith said...

I'm SO sorry about your eye!!

I hope you get to read more tonight!