i do so well with posting and then this... nothing. crickets.
i suck.

i'm hoping to kick blogging ass in january. well, maybe starting the sixth, not the first. we shall see. it's been beyond hectic with the holidays and nick's work and a four year old and five month old! as much as i love looking back on the blog, there are just some days when i want the two hours i get to myself before my bedtime, when i don't want it to be spent blogging. there is a husband, and tv shows or movies, and cleaning or baths and books that sometimes win out.

so stay tuned. ;)


ten on tuesday. 12.17.13

- i am in love with this chapstick. that's saying a lot. i'm not a big 'chapstick' brand girl.

- have a new favorite shot: pineapple juice, grenadine, and vanilla vodka. so good.

- got a ten year present from work. didn't realize i received my coworker's. had the wrong engraving on the back. oopsie. guess i was super excited to open that ipad air!

- ben is so excited for christmas. he's counting down the days now that we're in single digits!

- think i need to start collecting gloves/mittens for ben. he lost one today. it was on mitten clips and he only walked outside to go to pee wee sports. not even for recess!

- it was snowing this evening and my mom was going to finish her christmas shopping. showed her amazon. she was done in 5 minutes. and she said i'm her favorite daughter. {ha!} ;)

- as much as i hate the craziness of december, i love that i'm getting to spend time with friends that i don't usually get to see. so thankful that everything fell on different weekends for the first time in years!

- i need to purge my closet. again. just did it when melie was born. think i'm going to start a home organizing/cleaning project in the new year. seemed to work well when i did it a few years ago.

- melie is starting to laugh spontaneously. so fun.

- cookie exchange and pot luck at work today. why do people call it a carry in? any who. my taco dips were a hit. made two hoping to bring some home and they were both gone!


20 things.

love this. hope it's not too tiny. couldn't find a source. had to copy directly from pinterest. ;)


photo friday. it's not even winter!

i really did not want to get out of bed yesterday!



apple trifecta

i'm not a fan of either photo. didn't have the patience to walk around and find good lighting. so i'm sharing two crappy pictures of three fabulous pieces of electronics. yay for the new mac book and iPad joining my trusty ole iPhone. {i've missed my macbook terribly and i'm super excited to play with the iPad!}


ten on tuesday. 12.10.13

- brr. i'm ready for spring.

- pretty sure that my christmas cards are going to be valentine's day cards instead. ;)

- after the giant blogging push, i have lost all motivation again. hopefully, soon!

- i've been told that little miss amelia has to wear her tutu every bears game from here on out!

- i think i only need to buy gift cards and i'm officially done with christmas shopping.

- elfred hasn't visited this year. maybe he will still pop in? {ugh, i suck this year!}

- forgot i had to walk through snow to get to work yesterday and wore my crocs. yeah, i'm a thinker at 650am!

- i found a new addiction: pink lemonade emergen c. think i have a new something to add to our subscribe and save purchases each month!

- ben is fighting the sniffles. hoping he holds em off and that melie stays strong too!

- got a new mario game. nick didn't even know about it. what kind of gamer is he? now to find the time to play it!


bear down!

they're ready. :) go bears!


wordless wednesday. my two cutie pies.

per ben's request. a photo with his sister. 11/30/13. i phone photo. edited in instagram. 


ten on tuesday 12.3.13

- i did it! blogged every day in november. thank goodness i did that challenge or i never would have caught up!

-  got my posts out of order, chronologically, again. i suck. oh well.

- got a new coat. hooray black friday sale. it's an omni-heat from columbia and it's super warm. which is saying a lot for me. i'm always cold. can never find a good coat.

- cannot believe it is december. where has 2013 gone?

- trying to figure out how to rearrange my living room for the darn tree! all this baby stuff makes it crowded!

- i really dislike migraines. especially ones that last for 24+ hours.

- really wanting to find time to go through all of the presents i've purchased and finish up my shopping!

- looking forward to friend time this weekend.

- i want to reread the hunger games trilogy again. feel like i forgot everything when we watched catching fire.

- tried to not be a mac snob. but i am. i can't help it. i just prefer em over other computers.


amelia marie: four months.

ben's four month post

- weighs 16.1 pounds! holy what?! and is 24.5 inches. 
- started laughing.
- mastered rolling over.
- wearing size 1 diapers. just til we run out. she should be in size 2s!
- in 3-6 month clothing.
- found her feet and loves them. like it's an obsession.
- still blows bubbles like crazy.
- taking 6oz of formula every 3-5 hours during the day.
- sleeping from 9-630 every day!
- is still a pretty chill baby.
- loves holding your thumb.
- fights napping... still.
- likes to be sitting up. i think she's nosey.
- isn't the biggest fan of standing, yet.
- has the cutest inverted squeal. is that what it's called? ugh, i suck.

miss rosy cheeks.

she tried to grab mr. bear.

hey good looking. how you doing?

weee! i'm a happy girl.

phew. i'm tired.

what chu looking at?

her innocent pose. who knew babies had so many faces?

uh, mom... a little help here!?


imma get you!


and laying with mr. polky bear. 

this is fun! mom can't catch one with my legs out. i'm fast!