wip x 2

the first weekend that i skipped....

the weekend of 11.20.10

sick day with mom and ben. i just couldn't find the energy to do anything. i even skipped out on girl's night which never happens. nick took ben to run some errands and i had a bit of quite time... ahhh....

a date to see harry potter. LOVED it. i wanna be hermione. so sad that there is only one more movie left. so sad. then it was dinner at quaker steak. nick had to try the atomic wings. stupid boy....

reading over the waiver. yes, there's a waiver to eat the damn things!

the 'before' picture.

the 'after' picture. not so happy now, are we nick?

he did it. and totally scored a bumper sticker for the defeat!

afterwards, nick and i had a hot date on our own of grocery shopping. totally romantical, i know.

a day of errands. and a peppermint shake from steak and shake. yumola.
no pictures.
i told you i was being lazy this month!!

and onto the weekend of 11.27.10
it's a holiday weekend. i'm adding extra days. ;)

black wednesday. a nice evening in with the boys. nick had a rough day, so we were happy to just chill. ben enjoyed some beefaroni.

had to help himself from mommy and daddy's bowl. couldn't just eat what was on his plate....

ahhh. so yummy.

what? do i have something on my face?

turkey day.

dinner #1 was at glenwood oaks.
beaner did awesome. sat and ate dinner with everyone. he really enjoyed the zucchini sticks in the appetizer!

and he really had fun playing with nick's empty coffee cup.

then it was on to dinner #2 at nick's sister's house.

the cousins had a blast being scared by nick and cousin megan.

then at the end of the evening, cousin megan decided that ben should wear her hair bow...

the manlier version...

the not so manly version!

and some crazy griswold house nearby....

black friday.

did some shopping! we couldn't help it. our christmas tree was going to fall over. we had to go to target. ;-)

put up some of the decorations and had a lazy day.

another lazy day. but we did run a few errands and stopped to visit my parents and check out their new kitchen appliances! yay for working ovens and stoves!

ben proving that he is related to my brother. {long story.}

enjoying his new favorite thing. dipping.
he dips everything. preferably in upup. aka ketchup.

the decorations which are still a work in progress. 

holy is this the longest weekend post ever, or what?
thanks for sticking with me.

yoda checking out the christmas tree.
{love that nick thought to take pictures while i was still sleeping!}

ben's first pomegranate encounter.

then it was outside time. 

beanerman checking out the ladder.

this one just cracks me up. a not so happy wee man.

playing on his slide. 

 helping daddy figure out a plan of attack to put up the lights.
unfortunately, this did not include ben telling daddy he should check all strands before hanging them because the upper set won't turn on! guess, nick had a project for this weekend now...

then ben played with a hamper for hours. not gonna share the pics. they're kinda lame.
this one did make me smile. ben has a thing for balls. he was insistent on putting most of them on the couch and sitting with them!

phew. k.
caught up again on those pesky wip posts. ;o)

sorry for picture overload!


Liz Goldhawk said...

Wow! Ben is getting so big! I love seeing all these pictures of him inquisitive and interactive. Love the yoda picture, and the ball picture is pretty cute too!

Carrie said...

Love your updates!

Kache said...

Aww purty tree can't believe you braved black friday, love the hairbow - definitely scrap that one, yay for HP, love it too! Great Griswold house...the after picture of Nick is hard to even look at, must have been some wings