wip 12.4.10

day home with the wee man. he was feeling under the weather and took a three hour nap at 8am. seriously. he was up for like 45 minutes and just miserable. so we snuggled in his rocking chair and he finally fell asleep. ben also took two other naps that day... about an hour each. i say he was not feeling well!
when nick got home, i ran to old navy for some retail therapy. spent a bit of time at old navy and came home with lots of stuff for not so much, which is always good!

first major snowfall of the year. so happy i didn't have to drive in it! nick had to run to work... so he ran a few errands on the way home. was nice having him do some shopping!

when ben was napping, nick was playing his video game. he hadn't hit a save point when ben had gotten up from his nap and when i brought ben downstairs he just wanted to sit on daddy's lap and watch. nick ended up hiding his character in random spots through out the game and so ben played peek a boo with them!

beaner is still sick. can't decide if we should cancel our scheduled photo appointment. we decide to go since there are no guarantees that he would be better and that our weekends would align with the studios for a good appointment time....
the pictures turn out good. however, ben does look sick. but that's life. not always pretty. not always perfect. and we'll look back and say, 'oh yeah, ben was sick...'
when we were waiting for the pics to print, we ran to the mall and got some new gloves! yay sales and coupons. and decided to see santa. ben was not a happy camper.  i think it was a combo of not feeling well and being sleepy. we might take our chances and try to see santa one more time... i think both sets of pictures deserve their own post... maybe. can't decide if i'm just gonna surprise everyone at christmas...

came home and relaxed. ate some pretzels from wetzel's pretzels.

then ben napped while mommy and daddy ordered christmas cards. i just wasn't into it this year. hoping when they get here, i'll be a bit more excited and ready to go!

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Kache said...

Hope Ben feels better soon!