tea love.

i <3 tea.

i usually average 3 glasses or so a week.
but now that it's winter and i've been feeling under the weather, i've been drinking it like crazy. that and the fact that my big boss shared some of her awesome collection with me. seriously, she gave me like 7 different varieties to try. so nice! and so tasty.

have been using this awesome tea infuser. love it. nick bought it sometime last year and i hadn't really used it. was sticking to non loose tea. but now, i'm not sure i can go back to bags!

my tea obsession has even trumped my starbucks trips for peppermint mochas!  which is completely crazy since the mochas are seasonal and i need to drink em up while i can!  have also heard good things about their teas, so i might have to be adventurous and give some of those a try.

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Kache said...

My 3 cups of tea are what get me through every work morning :)