wip 12.18.10

i cannot get behind with the next one being christmas. the pictures would be out of control!!

nick and i both had the day off. was so nice.
took ben to get some winter boots. he totally looked like a cranberry farmer to me.

ran a ton of errands. still not done with christmas shopping. need a few odds and ends! ack.

came home and ben and daddy played piggy back.

then after his nap, ben learned to play mario kart. ;)

and played with daddy's crab legs at dinner.
was a total trooper through it. the dinner, i mean. it was a doozy. started off great and took a down hill turn when the main courses arrived. this was about 830 at night. two late nights in a row and he was a champ.

more errands. after a stop at the bank for some fraudulent charges. sigh. people suck.
the reindeer tracks blizzard from dq made it better. however, i didn't realize the mini was so mini....

nick finally got the lights working. not the greatest picture, but whatever.

then i had a nice night out with the girls and nick and kevin, my brother, enjoyed some video game time!

a last minute decision to go to breakfast with santa.
the restaurant was able to seat our crazy party without reservations. yay!
the kids had a blast together. ben really enjoyed breakfast.

then it was off to santa's village.
ben wasn't a fan of the snowman....

he didn't really like santa either. no surprise since the last visit wasn't the best either.
he calmed down pretty quickly and were able to grab a family photo.

ben's first candy cane. he devoured it.

yay family photos. ;)

then grandma came over with grandpa and hung out with beaner so we could do our christmas shopping. was so nice. and seemed so quick!

after his nap, ben was insistent on playing in the hamper. and then putting all of his balls in the hamper. silly boy.

had to try on daddy's hat too.

and nabbing daddy's pretzel, rolo, m & m concoction.

great weekend. wish they all could be the nice mix of go and no go! sometimes i need a weekend after my weekend!


Liz Goldhawk said...

I love the family photos you got, and Ben in the hamper always makes me smile! I tried the pretzel thing with Hershey's kisses, but I think I might enjoy a Rolo one more... have to try it! Merry Christmas Shannon, Nick & Ben!

Carrie said...

Great family pictures. Can't believe how big Ben is getting!

Kache said...

Great pics, I really like the family Santa photo, haha! And Ben in the laundry basket is very cute.