wip. a catch up post.

soooo i completely forgot what we did the first weekend of october.
i have pictures. but nothing is ringing a bell. they are just random around the house pics. some are super cute and i might use them in the photo hunt, if i complete the darn thing.

then the following weekend was rafting. i think that's just gonna be one giant post. and please bear with me if you're on facebook and have seen them. i'll have funnier stories. just wanted to get them up there for some facebook buds.

then that leaves us with the weekend of the sixteenth.

here we go!

friday: my mil's birthday. had a gathering at the house.
gigi just wanted a picture of her and the grandkids. uh, so didn't happen!

love the first one because gabby is totally sitting on ben and he's like wtf?

 seriously, this was the best of the few that we snapped. must try earlier in the evening apparently.

then there's megan looking like barney's girlfriend. or sister. whatever.

and the three grandkids playing nicely.

lots of errands.
stopped by the christy's work to get a new cat for nana. no pictures. because i suck. but rocky is super cute.
then we ran by crystale's to pick up three shipments of wine!
love this one of beaner playing outside of her house.

then we ran some more errands and ended up at the grocery store that evening. ben loves the car shopping cart at stracks!  and i think it's cute that the brand is bean. bean in the bean...

another day at the orchard.
we went to the kids side for the first time. it was so nice.
lots of animals.
a cool billy goat area.  the crazy guys climed the spiral staircase.

 love the houses for the piggies!

they had a kiddie corn maze.
ben was ready.

and then noah came and helped him...
so cute.

family photo!

trisha and noah on the train.

then we headed to the corn maze. ben was checking out the map.

then we lost a wheel. 

we had a few issues when we first got the wagon. nick never ordered the replacement parts... thought we could make it. so he just kinda muscled it to the pumpkin patch.

ghetto wagon. ;-)

then it was back to the corn maze where we lost another wheel.

i seriously thought michelle might pee!

all beaner could say was uh oh!

nick ended up dragging it back to the car. pure awesomeness!

the rest of the day was pretty uneventful.

and i was gonna do all the weekends, but i haven't uploaded this weekend's yet and i'm feeling quite lazy. so that'll come at a later date.

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Carrie said...

Love the ghetto wagon, LOL!