random recipes.

thought i should take a break from pictures. because the rafting post might be a doozy.

i am obsessed with recipes. i seriously have a problem. i am continually printing new recipes when i have a stack of like 100 that i still want to try!

i'm not a baker, so let's start there.
yummy apple donuts.  these are phenomenal. so good. made them for our rafting trip. we were even a fan of all the crumbs!making them for a work pot luck this week too. seriously, try them.

and a delicious potato soup. i left out the celery.  nick and i were both fans. i don't think the reviewers at kraft enjoyed it as much as we did...

buffalo chicken mac. nick loved this one. i found it in a magazine. it's a neely's recipe. can't stand them but this was pretty tasty!

i liked this buffalo recipe better.

i was a little freaked out by this one. was good. just not sure i like mexican in my spaghetti. ben, however, was a complete fan.

not sure it tasted like pierogis but it was good. nick loved all the bacon in it!

and we tried out a new chili recipe. was also a keeper. ;-)

a random side that we enjoyed with i can't remember what! maybe just some tacos....

both boys enjoyed this one. makes two which is a bonus. can save one for later or share with a friend!

trying out some tofu for the wee man. was good. but a pain to cook that tofu!

made some changes to this meatloaf. added some onions and garlic and i can't remember what else. it makes a lot! i thought it was even better cold. {yes, i love cold leftovers.}

another pw recipe. i love her. this one is simple and delicious.

cold pasta. very good. just a bit oily. have saved another recipe and hope to try it soon. has honey and a few other changes in place of the oil...

tired of the same old, boring breakfast? then you should make this. um, yum. made it at the beginning of the week and we could use it as needed in the morning. i put mine on toast and ate it cold. nick toasted his bread and then popped it in the microwave with the topping to warm it up a bit. delicious.

i know i'm on a pw kick. sorry. fan of blue cheese? meet delicious pasta.

a quick and easy dessert. total crowd pleaser. might need to double the recipe tho!

ok. last pw recipe for the evening. and yet another pasta. 

i lied. but it's not a pasta. another simple dessert. so good. even if they did stick to my pan. twice.

and then there is tuna cakes. i know strange. but it sounded different and interesting. they were so good. and the sauce on the side is a must. we will make these little guys again!

nick isn't a huge fan of chicken. so if i can find a recipe that he likes, it's a complete success.

looking for an easy potluck or breakfast idea? this got rave reviews when i took it to work.

and an easy dip. i put the leftovers on some toast and had it for breakfast. yum-o!

i'm going to stop now. hope you find something you might like... and as always, share if you stumble across any yummy recipes i should know about or even some new recipe sites!!

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psucolleen said...

You would think with all the recipes I print & cookbooks I own that I'm some sort of non-stop cook. i'm not. I love to cook but by the time I get home, I'm just too tuckered out to get things going. but when we do get to it, we have a good time. I've been trying a few new recipes. My new pressure cooker has cranked out some awesome new meals! Kudos for trying so many new things!