cedar point.

i need to get these vacation posts out of the way since our white water rafting trip is upon us!

we left after work and drove to sandusky. pretty uneventful trip. lots of trivia.

our day at the park. was a beautiful day. and so not crowded.  think we are going to try and go again next year at the same time.

a few pictures.

the boys planning our route.

and our standard self portrait.

i'm not a big roller coaster person. but i vowed to ride them all at least once. was terrified of one.

was trying to find some peace while we were in line {the longest of the day at 45 mins.} but the boys weren't helping. i know they were kinda trying to be encouraging but it wasn't working! so glad i did it. but i shook for like 10 minutes after we rode it.

the second longest line of the day...
for a giant snow cone!
totally delicious.

love this one.

had to cool off in the little kiddie splash pad...

then it one of the last rides of the day. the one that really did nick in. max air. no direct linkie. but you can click here and scroll down a bit.

had to cool off again.

bye bye cedar point.

then we hung out at the hotel's water park. i think nick was a little tired...

then it was off to dinner.

then it was lost id time. sigh. still have no idea what happened. totally threw a fork in our plans. oh well.

a lazy day. went to breakfast then decided to go to kalahari. was pretty freaking cool. the boys had a blast. steph and i enjoyed the lazy river and just chilling. i almost read an entire book!
dave and nick spent a ton of time on their surf area. they both did a great job. i swear, videos someday. my pictures aren't the greatest and i've posted a gajillion already.

we drove home!

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Kache said...

Looks like you had a great time! Haven't been to Cedar Point in 10 years but it always fun.