4 months!

and on time.
who knew???

-is still chatting away.
-loves to stick his hands in his mouth. ah heck, he'll shove anything in his mouth!
-is trying sooo hard to sit up. and when we do have him in sitting position likes to fall forward!
-gets a kick out of his jumper.
-loves balloons.
-thinks fans and lights are so cool!
-loves to stand.
-is a total cuddle bug.
-played in sand and grass for the first time.
-took a dip in lake michigan.
-watched his first fireworks. {and loved them. total momma's boy.}
-enjoys his crinkle blanket.
-still wearing 3-6 mos. clothing. {md appt. in two weeks...}

first some random ben.

mr. happy.

just to show those killer baby blues. ;o)

loving on his first balloon.

working it in the jumper. was just a bit too short. so we cheated with a phone book. his toes now touch!

wanted one of him sucking his thumb. added bonus that miss sophie is in the picture...

with mr. panda. look they are now friends!

i love my dad! so much so i want to eat him!

such a big boy.

hmm. not so good at this sitting thing!

here i am!

c'mere. i have a secret to tell you...

this look isn't so flattering. we've decided it is his, 'your crib or mine' face.

there is a good one. silly background. must buy backdrop.

k. four months.
oh and father's day photo shoot pics soon. i think i've got one i like. just have to print them and give them as gifts, then i'll share.



i CANNOT wait for alice in wonderland.

some killer pictures here.
how bad ass does helena bonham carter look as the red queen?


byom july

awesome, awesome kit. if you aren't familiar, you can check it out here...
love the colors. such a me kit. thanks krystn. i know you picked em just for me! ;o)

5 quick projects. have tons of product left. hoping to use it up soon. okay, anyone who knows me, knows i hoard. but a girl can dream...

all products from byom's shopping area.

simple one of ben's cute little chubs.

an awesome smile caught on camera. tried to play around with that crazy kraft paper. makes me wish i was a 12x12 scrapper again!

self explanatory...

and two super, super quick cards.

ah crap. i lied. the last card has stickers that are not from byom. my apologies.
trying to now figure out why i can only scrap to the journey station on pandora? used to be lily allen or ben folds. might have to try them out again and see what happens. ;o)


what the deuce?

i am so losing track of posting. i suck.
totally had posting on my to do list friday and well, i napped instead. ;o) yay naps.

beaner's four months photo op this week. should have pictures soon. and will update some scrappies before then. it's been too long. first batch will be mini... just byom design team stuff.
then the mother load when i can upload my rsc creative team stuff.

otherwise, still super busy. i love summer but i hate how busy it makes us. this past weekend was our last weekend since the beginning of june with no real plans. {just an awesome toy swap sunday morning} this weekend our craziness starts again. glad we had a bit of a breather.

ben has a cold. such a bummer. now nick and i are sick too. boo. oh well. he is just a bit sniffly and seems to be over the hump. i swear he sounded like the dog in snatch.. you know, the one who swallowed the squeak toy. poor thing. and he would just laugh and try to dodge the suction bulb. ah fun times. seriously, cannot wait until he learns to blow. ;o) that sounds weird, but you know!

oh and in the land of recipes. if you are looking for some goodies. must check out these pw recipes... cajun meatloaf. good if you need to feed an army. and was a nice variation from regular meatloaf. chicken spaghetti. major yum. and nick approved. pico and guac. made these for the fourth. got major kudos from our guests. lasagna. her title says it all. best lasagna ever. so, so tasty! lemon pasta. sounded a bit strange. but minimal ingredients, so why not. one of our new favorites. gazpacho. nick had been dying for a good gazpacho recipes. i swear we try a new one every summer. pw rocks. this was uber good. made two batches in about a week. yum..

k. pictures soon!


picture overload.

memorial day to fourth of july...

trying to find bean a hat has proven to be quite the task. he has a big head but everything is still too big!

thankfully, we have since found him a few that fit better. hmmm, that might be because his head has grown too!

nick thought ben should experience the pool. thought he might like it since he loves bathtime. he did quite well. didn't cry at all!

then the cousins decided he should be in the pool with them! again, he did great. cannot wait til he is a bit bigger and we can take him swimming at my parents!

a quick family photo before benjamin was a wet boy!

ben with his great grandmas...

with his buddy miss braiden. she loves her baby benji. ;o)

a trick to making ben laugh or smile... he loves clapping!

and a video for your viewing pleasure. ignore all the background laughing!

beaner can sleep pretty much anywhere. here he is napping before the firework show. ignore jason's silly face!

and to prove he naps well... a picture from kenny's graduation. we placed ben on the picnic table and he slept like a champ.

k. back to the fourth festivities...

watching fireworks with dad.

hanging out at the beach.
first time in lake michigan.

playing in the sand.

cute, sandy baby feet.

dad tried to wash ben off in the lake... along came a wave that made beaner not happy.

all better. napping under the umbrella!

and just chilling...

i think that's a good recap. and i'm out of time. beaner has decided nap time is over! ;o)
and i think i still didn't share em all. now that i think about it... i haven't uploaded from the actual 4th.. on the point and shoot! so maybe the 4th will have its own special post...


an exercise spurt...

totally having one this week.
started with us wogging on monday. {walking + jogging = wogging} doing some interval training. working our way to something. unsure what pace it will be... jog/run. whatever. just getting out and being healthy and active.
wogged again on tuesday.
wednesday was sand volleyball. first time in years! wasn't sure how good i would do. apparently, it's like riding a bike. might even have done a little better. being a student of the game for the indoor season at the 'y' seemed to have helped.
thought my legs would have been noodles today. i mean six games?! playing mostly as the setter. and deciding to start wogging the same week. oof. nope, my arms hurt worse than my legs. even have some little baby red spots on the arms. it's sexy. and my legs? don't get me wrong they were sore. if i had to squat a lot there would have been trouble. even felt good enough to go for another wog!
stopped and got some new shoes.

they are awesome. so comfy. and so cute! ;o)
was a little nervous since i tend to have ankle pains after running. nick took me to fleet feet. awesome. love their sister store... trek. got my lime there a few years ago. speaking of, we're getting a little buggy to pull on our bikes. looking forward to hitting the trail! the sales lady was sooo helpful. explained my wonderful ankle history. she measured the heck out of my feet. arches included. pulled out three pair and let me have my pick. felt a bit silly running around the store... but so worth it.
we did good this evening. my feet felt great. can't believe what a difference a shoe makes! hoping to keep up the momentum. hoping that nick and i can motivate one another. that and it helps that beaner LOVES when we jog! always has a little giggle/coo for us when we go from walking to jogging! i think he likes to feel the wind in his face! :o)


3 mos. way late...

dude, another week gone. seriously. summer is totally messing with my time schedule! i cannot believe how fast time is going by...

at three months:
-ben is a talking fool. love it!
-laughs when you clap his hands together or give him high fives.
-is interacting with us more and more everyday. so much fun.
-loves putting his hands in his mouth. fist or thumb. makes no difference to him!
-tries to grab or bats at things in front of him.
-likes to stand.
-scoots around in his crib like crazy. you will never find him in the spot you left him!
-smiles when nick or i get home from work. so cute.
-loves sportscenter. not sure what it is, but beaner will turn his head to watch from where ever he is in the room.
-the drool is out of control. makes bubbles with it sometimes!

i'm sure there is more i'm missing. but i'm a bit too lazy to flip through the book where i log things...

and now for the pictures. still have to get the cool shot. have one i like, but thought it would look better sans the diaper...
anywho. beaner at three months.

didn't get the greatest sitting one this month. he's getting too big for my usual spot!!

i swear his eyes are still blue. all the pictures make them look brown...

just a different angle...

with mr. panda...

and just to show off his bulging biceps! ;o)