just lazy

no other reason for being mia.
maybe picture updates tomorrow. will have nick snap some after work and share then.
getting lots of little things done around the house. and napping like a mad man. which is good since i'm not getting the best sleep. it's so hit or miss.
don't want to delve to deep into the pregnancy part... that's for tomorrow.
my random thought while watching the oscars, well bits of it...
how much javier bardem looks like denny douchette. and gerard butler too. sorry no pictures for this game. i'm on the mac and haven't branched out to uploading my new software. that's on the to do list before bean's arrival. and i'm not sure where that random thought popped into my head. not sure i saw any of them during the bits that i've watched!
yeah, should totally get working on that massive list...


35 weeks.

and i got nothing.
no new pictures.
maybe this link will make you happy.... she even named it 'bean!'
login: bevphoto password: proofs {all lowercase letters}

the pics are growing on me. don't laugh at my facial expressions. could never tell when she was shooting all of me or i would have behaved. ;o)
let me know what some of your favorites are or if you have suggestions for additional poses. we still are planning a shoot at the house. have a few ideas for that, but i'm always open to suggestions. ideas for the shoot came from everywhere! lots from two peas. some other random photography sites i found when i googled 'maternity photos.'

so what was new this past week... babywise. haven't been as hungry. which is good. but also bad. i don't stop eating once i start. the gauge on the tank is broken! no crazy cravings. well, ice cream still. i think lately i have wanted the cone more than the ice cream?! speaking of, found these tasty little treats. oh my word. the cake batter. heaven! so hoping they aren't really a limited time thing. then again, maybe that's a good thing because i could most definitely eat one a day!

had some killer leg cramps. never experienced anything like that... ever! woke up in the middle of the night with cramps in both calves. the one in the right leg lasted until friday. so more than 24 hours. loaded up on the g2 and bananas. thinking i might have had too much water. oops.

celebrated the big 30. had a sip of margarita. yum. didn't realize how much i've missed it. gosh, that sounds terrible. but i cannot wait for a big ole margarita or glass of wine. yum...
only have been able to celebrate with my family. hoping soon for nick's side. got some fun gifts. i mean pjs and fun socks. awesome. of course, there was more. won't bore you with all that. did get this super fun shirt... the direct link isn't working. but it's the blue one that the baby is rocking! thanks joan! carol told me you read too... so hi!

what else...
tons of scrapbooking stuff being accomplished. makes me happy. also finally uploading pictures to walgreens. can you believe i haven't printed anything since napa. that's nuts.

k. time for bed. boo monday! ;o)


34 weeks.

crazy to think that this bean will be considered to term in under a month. insane! apparently, i'm supposed to have my bag packed for the hospital now. not sure about that. makes it all the more real! i'm working on it. my mom donated her christmas gift last year. an awesome bag that colleen had in chicago. forget the website it came from. think the lady stopped doing web orders... washing all of kidlet's stuff. sheets are done. changing table pad done. working on outfits and socks and toys!

found a new bookshelf we want for baby's room. the little one i painted just isn't going to cut it. that can be moved into the closet for additional storage. are on the look out for a rug. any ideas? i'm thinking neutral. taupe or something along those lines. we've checked out kid carpets or something like that and can't find what we like... so we're open to websites! nick said the color is growing on him. he doesn't walk into the room and say, 'wow, that's ____' anymore. he says, it looks like the bean's room. i know, i know... pictures. gonna have to figure out a sneakie for you. just don't want to share until it's done. maybe some artwork and blanket or something. i'll figure it out.

they say {what to expect when you're expecting} that bean is 5 pounds. 20 inches. if it's really 20 inches, it can stop now. it's already quite painful when it gets excited. nick is always amazed by the ripples across the tummy! i'm amazed at the different shapes. one second i have a cone head stomach, the next it's like a watermelon. then five minutes later a basketball!

feeling great. kinda waiting for that to go away. i've heard nothing but bad about being pregnant. wondering if people are exaggerating or i'm that lucky. hoping that i'm that lucky! still congested to high hell. seriously, that is the worst part of this whole experience. that and occasionally stuck in the couch. okay, not really. but sorta and i wanted to make you laugh. our big couch only has two cushions and depending on how i lay, sometimes my bootay finds it way in between those two cushions making it a bit tricky to get to a sitting position! sleeping well. afraid that might go away. really hoping it doesn't! craving sweets like crazy. ice cream, cookies, chocolate. so strange. i'm so not a sweet eater. it just seems that everyday i have to find something sweet or i'm crabby! an example: yesterday we went car shopping with my lil bro. took him to chipotle for lunch. yum. afterwards, even though i was stuffed to the gills, i wanted an ice cream cone so we had to stop by mcdonalds for a kiddie cone! have some rare episodes of heartburn. come out of no where. so glad this is not an all the time thing. it's miserable. i cannot imagine. my aunt said she had it so bad that she was unable to drink water after like 5 pm. no way....

had our maternity shoot today. cannot wait to see the proofs. were there for like 3 hours. are going to do a second part in our home. not sure when, but soon! so for that reason, no belly shot today. was picture-d out. maybe i'll have nick snap one tomorrow after work. thinking at 36 weeks i'll have to do weekly shots. and i'm sure you kids will be happy to see the bean in real life rather than my growing belly. ;o)


baby shower recap.

here's the invite...

not sure why the owls. but once they were found the whole thing kinda spiraled into a theme. the books making baby wise. whooo will be there. thanks owl-lot on some of the favors. ;o)

have to thank robin for all the pictures. she's my professional photographer! took pictures for us at our wedding shower too. made our lives so much easier. going to do a maternity shoot with her tomorrow. can't wait!

also couldn't have done it without my mom and michelle's help. my mom was the banker in this whole ordeal. michelle was the gift lady, the game lady, and the printer. everyone loved the games and the gifts so i think she did a terrific job!! oh and if you need anything printed, let me know and i can hook you up. ;o) and miss brandee and her mom! they took care of my centerpieces. i'm thinking that i would have been centerpiece-less if it wasn't for all of their hardwork. and chris for coming early to help set up. which is funny because we just sat around and talked. or she kept nick company!

k. the details.
our cupcakes. totally yummy. white, almond, and chocolate. never had almond before but after sampling one had to have them! and nick who isn't a sweet eater agreed.

a closer view which may look familiar from an earlier post...

the centerpieces. the pictures do not do them justice.

some of the favors...
how it was set up and a few close-ups.

inside of the cd. which michelle also took care of having printed. i used some digi kits {found here} to make the cover and the inside.

close up of the pad of paper michelle made. super cute. she used a blank invite then added our names. nick came up with the witty title.

the prize winner's table. told you she did a great job.

a quick little set up of nick and i when we were kidlets. i'm on the left. and um, bean's in the middle. ;o) did the scrapbook layout for ready, set, create. so that one might look familiar too...

random guests!

nick's mom said a really nice prayer before we ate. unfortunately, i don't have the best pictures of that. if any of you readers have photos, please share. i'll love you forever. ;o)

nick and i. photo courtesy of his mom. ;o) again, if anyone wants to share a picture... send em along!

gift time!

super cute keepsake train from my boss. also gave us some totally cute giraffe stuff. i heart giraffes...

is this piggy bank not the cutest thing?! a brilliant attendee decided it should be passed around. so generous of the guests to donate again. got a decent amount of change. like nick said though, gonna need a whole lot more for the college fund!

mom and dad shirts from his cousin and her kids... i swear the pose wasn't practiced. we are just that dorky!

nick really wanted to try this one on... he was hilarious with the toys and books. gonna be such a great dad. ;o)

there was glitter everywhere! look closely you can see it. ignore frick and frack {my new affectionate nickname for the girls or the cantaloupes as mom calls them}.

my mom gave me one of my favorite books as a kid. apparently, i did not like to take baths.

robin captured me being a smart ass. love her for it because this picture totally makes me smile!

picture of me and mom...

picture of the parents to be with the moms...

nick thanking everyone for coming. again, the pose was not planned. i guess when you've been with someone for 16 years, the mannerisms are subliminal!

overall, an awesome shower. great company, great gifts, great food, and great memories. hoping that all the attendants enjoyed themselves. i know we did!

i'm sure i'm forgetting something. i sorry. and thanks for reading this super, duper, long post!


some scrap stuff.

the newest issue of ready, set, create is out. if any of you are interesting in looking through it, leave me a love note. i think i get to share my links with five people. so the first five win. ;o)

was totally intending to blog about the shower, but that doesn't look like it'll happen. the superbowl and thank yous commandeered my time tonight. soon. but not tomorrow. that's a baby and me class! nick's excited. and i think he's cute, so i really can't wait to go.

back to the scrappies...
these feature the fun product scor-pal. pretty nifty little tool....
lots of different products used. not going to take time to give the product lists. those can be found in the rsc issue.

the next projects feature shimmerz. might be my new obsession. if you were at the baby shower, you saw them in action. it's what i used to create the sparkle around the cupcake sticks. fun stuff.
again, lots of products. not gonna list em....

gina k was the next sponsor...

then there was flourishes stamps...

and last but not least, sakura. wish i had come up with more stuff. the glitter pens were fun! again, if you were at the shower, you more than likely saw this one in person.

and for those of you scrappers who made it this far, here's a link to april/may page calls. have to say, i've already started some hybrid projects. super cute if i do say so myself. i think i can't procrastinate with bean's arrival getting so close!