makes me feel like i'm 10 again.

okay. the age might not be right... but whatever.

when i was younger, i was obsessed with super mario bros. loved all the games. remember staying up super late at slumber parties trying to pass all the levels. bubble bobble is another one and another story! burger time. sigh, i love nintendo.

saw that there was a new mario and knew we needed it!! haven't had much time to play it. only one night where we stayed up way too late!  so fun that it's multiplayer. so awesome that i'm better than nick!

would be a suggestion for anyone looking for a good game for their wee little ones for christmas. a bit tough. but cool.  well, maybe i think it's cool because it remind me of my childhood.

k. gotta go play. have a date with nick since ben's sleeping! ;o)

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Monica said...

also a good game for the big kids. we bought this game for Steven for christmas.