20 bookish things about me.

1. i'm a huge bookworm. have been for as long as i can remember.
2. i hate writing. part of the reason i became a nurse... incomplete sentences when charting!
3. i collect cookbooks.
4. i love bookstores. really i could spend hours in one.
5. libraries aren't bad either!
6.  i tend to finish a book even if i don't like it.
7. i am not a book rereader. only harry potter and twilight.
8.  i love brit lit.
9.  there's nothing better than a bubble bath and good book.
10.  i have never read a stephen king book.
11. i never read the required summer reading in high school.
12. i now want to read some of those required books!
13.  i believe reading is for entertainment. not learning. ;oP
14. would someday love to cross all the books off the big read.
15. my baby shower kinda had a book theme.
16. to find time to read since ben was born, i now read on my lunch breaks.
17. i've debated getting a kindle for quite some time. but not sure i could get used to not reading a book!
18.i think i'm gonna start reading sookie stackhouse.
19. i just read a book sorta about jane austen and i have never read one of her books.
20. am completely addicted to goodreads.

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TracyDacy said...

I love my Kindle. It was EASY to get past feel of it not being a book. Go for it.