8 months!

late is always better than never, right?

-had a major growth spurt. 2 inches in 1 month. and i think one pound.
-had those crazy fun hives.
-took his first antibiotic which resulted in crazy diarrhea, missed school, and killer diaper rash.
-still toothless!
-had his first trip to lighthouse mall!
-also experienced his first breakfast out with mom and dad. {ben is a fan of lemon rice soup!}
-experienced a teething biscuit and many more table foods.
-is a fan of blocks and his new discovery toys {snail -you can see here-, try-angle and cups}.
-can turn the pages on books.
-tries to feed himself.
-will take sips from a cup.
-is scooting all over the place but still not crawling.
-loves to look in mirrors. one of the greatest purchases...
-taking 30 oz of formula and 3-4 solid feedings a day.
-was taking ridiculous naps. 6-930 at night. then back to bed around 1030. and up about 630 for school.
-grabs for everything!
-love to tear up newspaper ads or anything paper. {did that just make him sound like a dog?}
-finally found his feet. i think it's because he thinned out and the buddha belly doesn't interfere!
-is so much fun!

the bear ones are getting trickier... especially when ben is laying next to him!




aw, the rolls are thinning out...
his feet are still super fat!

grabby mcgraberson.

is still mister happy pants.

his favorite flower. {off the discovery toys snail...}
and that hair is for you michelle. ;o)

love those rolls and dimples.

found the sticker again this month.

tried to eat the sticker this time.


Liz said...

super cute!!! He looks so much bigger this month. I love that you're doing the monthly photo shoots (definitely better late than never).

Carrie said...

He is just too stinkin' cute! Love watching him grow is fun :)