dear santa.

ben's daycare had santa visit. so nice. didn't have to deal with the chaos of the mall. however, i hear st. john had a pretty nice set up too. maybe when he's older and can enjoy all the other activities that are going on in st. john, we'll venture out. but for now... this was perfect. in and out in like 10 minutes. {we visited with his teachers} got a cd of the pictures and only paid $3. sweet!

wee man was sick. ignore the glazed look in his eyes. started on antibiotics not too long after these were taken.  here are some favorites.


i'm pretty sure he asked for his first tooth. and santa is working on delivering... thinking it might be all the way through the gums by christmas!
and he hasn't been a fussy teether. nice! just turns his binky to gnaw on the plastic for some relief!  well, unless these crazy hives are part of his teething ritual. then i'll consider him high maintenance. ;o)


Carrie said...

What great pictures! LOVE the last one, you can see the wonder and awe in that look, how precious.

Enjoy your first Christmas with Ben!

Alison said...

Adorable pics - he's as super cute as ever !!!
Love his outfit - and he did great with Santa !
Have a wonderful first Christmas together !!!