you do the math...

totally doesn't add up.


-30: the temperature change in the last day.
+50: wind gusts that are expected tonight and tomorrow.
+12: inches of snow that we might wake up to in the morning.

what the heck is this about? i don't like it!! ;o)


Anonymous said...

Hey! That's the same weather as us :) except we're only supposed to get 10 inches :D


Susan said...

global warming

Kache said...

Hey, maybe work will get cancelled and you can go out sledding??

Anonymous said...

I hear you on that temperature change!!

hera said...

-30+50+12=32! That surely means it's going to be really hot, no? LOL! sounds like Swiss weather to me! Take care out there.

Brandy said...

Ugh. We are getting our first colf front and we may hit freezing, but that's as interesting as it gets here. I'll be thinking warm thoughts for you!!

Breana said...

well no frezzing or snow here...hope some of our warmth can head your way.