bubble gut.

i'm totally sure everyone knows what this is. there terrible, awful feeling in the pit of your stomach sometimes accompanied by a not so pleasant experience. anywho. my friends and i constantly joke about it. if we're upset, we have bubble gut. our friend's dad even tells his wife she's giving him gas at times. so funny but i digress.
so bubble gut has become a constant theme in my tummy. not fun. but not technically a bubble... just like to call it that. a constant dull ache that will not budge. ugh.
sick since monday. couldn't eat tuesday which made it even worse. after long thought with coworkers and my grandma, i think it's an ulcer. and being the good nurse that i am i did not see a doctor.
started on some lovely medicine courtesy of one of my docs nabbing them from a neighboring family md. score. feeling better. not yet normal. if i'm not back to myself by monday i'm totally going to make an appointment to see my real doctor!
don't do stress well. never have. as a kid my mom would always have to give me meds to settle my stomach and all that fun stuff. so the building stress has me freaked out and my body does not like it... i've slept from the minute i've gotten home to when i have to get up for work. my husband has been a doll. love him more by the second.
took care of everything with the painters, bless him. even put up and decorated the tree. but i guess since we are having his family over for christmas he totally should help.

admist all the craziness we have accomplished:
-being preapproved for our construction loan so it appears that things are a go. just hafta figure out what is going to go on with our home...
-setting up an appointment for our lot loan saturday. hope to have that before christmas.
-having our drywall repairs painted. doesn't match the original. nice. but it's still done and close... thank goodness for grandmas who volunteer to sit at your house for 10 hours!
-started christmas shopping.
-picked an outfit for his work party tomorrow night. total feat for me. might be a bad patient and even drink some alcohol which is a no no in ulcerland.
still have to:
-to bake at least 10 dozen cookies.
- attend my work party next friday and a trip to indianapolis that saturday for his dad's side christmas.
-get ready to host christmas for his mom's side of the family!

ahh, is it january yet?!


Brandy said...

Busy peeps!

Anonymous said...

Take a DEEP Breath and count to 10, slowly.

And get some me time in :)


Kache said...

That does not sound pleasant. And it's good to know that medically inclined people such as yourself also put off going to their doctor ;)

I hope the meds help and the December stress doesn't overwhelm. Have fun at the part-ay.

Meredith said...

Um....you're not pregnant are you? LOL!

TracyDacy said...

yeah shan, maybe it's not a bubble, but a "bump" like in baby :-)

Rita said...

Tracy, I thought the same thing!!

Shannon, I totally have similar reactions to stress but in my case it's a racing hearbeat. I've been getting this incredibly fast racing heart several times a day. While we were on vacation it didn't happen once during the whole week. I think you need a vacation.