christmas break...

sorta. a four day weekend has got to count for something. i'm off friday, saturday, sunday, and monday. granted i have something planned every day but that's okay. i mean, why can't everyone have a christmas break. or even a mini summer one. i don't need three months... just a teeny tiny break!

done with christmas shopping. everything is wrapped! next major feat is grocery shopping and then cooking. why oh why did i cave to having christmas... cuz, i'm a good wife, right nicholas?! ;o)

bubble gut is better. might change in the next few weeks. will have some exciting news to share. soon. and sorry to disappoint it's not a baby.

and seriously... love my hubby. but what is it with him trying to keep things cold in the garage. first the ham, now the eggnog from oberweis. it's flippin 50 degrees outside, so not the way to go!


Kache said...

LOL at the garage refrigeration...that would usually work during a Michigan winter!

Well, now I just NEED to know the news. I'm no good with suspense.

Anonymous said...

Can't wait to hear your news!

I love the pic of you and Nick on your cards.


Lisa said...

You're killing us over here girl! LOL

Good luck with hosting Christmas, just tap into your wonder powers and you can do it!

Anonymous said...

Post the news already! You know know how impatient we can be :)

Hope the family gathering went well, and bubble gut is way better, like gone.


Susan said...

news?!!! come on, TELL!!! Oh and Jack would so agree with Nick on the garage refrigeration thing, shaking head, MEN!

Brandy said...

Congratulations... it's a HOAGIE!!! Your bubble gut reminds me of the Cosby Show episode where the men all deliver babies but they are boats, cars and hoagies. I know Krystn knows what I am talking about