i suck. have been quite the busy bee. and when not being busy. i'm sleeping. i slept from 7:30 pm wednesday to 11 am thursday. ahhh.
so my husband was wii-tarded. he and my lil bro camped outside of target last weekend. nick wasn't going to buy the wii but kev asked him if he was interested in staying up all night for it... and of course he was! i was a superb wife and took them white castle at about 2am. nick is loving the new system. i have to admit it is pretty darn nifty. the new controllers are bizarre but i get to play bowling on wii sports so i can handle it.
after that we spent all sunday recouperating!
then there was the short work week. pure chaos. i love my long weekends but boy do we pay for it at work!
turkey day was great. only saw my family for a few minutes. we had spent the previous saturday celebrating at a restaurant. but my mom still wanted my grandma to have a place to go so she cooked! had a nice meal at nick's aunt and uncle's house. visited. laughed. good times. then went to his dad's. again, just hung out. was nice. need to get together with the family more often.
then it was off to lighthouse mall. they opened at midnight. pure craziness. seriously, insane. i had never experienced black friday before. well, i lied. last year we ran into joann's. then i got scared and we left! thought i should buck up and we would give it a go. holy crap. the lines were unbelievable. made so sweet purchases: coach, gap, nike, harry and david... we got home when it was light out. so yesterday was again spent recouperating!
and today. well, we were just lazy!
tomorrow we are headed to nick's uncle's for da bears! might even stay for the colt's game since his father's girlfriend is a fan. and honestly, i will cheer for either. but if they are both in the superbowl, i'm gonna have to go with da bears!

in other random shannon news:
- might have a buyer for our home. not even listed... have to wait and see how this works out...
- our best friends are pregnant. well, she is. but you know what i mean. due date is june 20th, i think!
- i totally want to do black friday next year. i think i might be addicted.
- my mail is still in the mailbox. i was too lazy to walk to the end of the driveway to get that or the newspaper this morning. but i did cook. twice. so that counts for something even if it was only french toast and grilled cheese! ;o)
- i ordered my christmas cards! been on my list forever!
- have officially asked my mother in law to help when we do build. gulp. took a lot... but will be nice to have an official interior decorator's point of view.
- wish i could forgive and forget. i try. i just don't know what it is...
- am totally a grinch. don't even want to think about christmas decorations. think that's the laziness again.
- haven't scrapped in almost two weeks. what is wrong with me?!
- got our drywall fixed. now just need a painter. so nice to have the scaffolding out of my house after three days!
- have to shop for an outfit for nick's christmas party. any ideas?

okay. i'll stop. i hope that is most of it. should be. but my mind has been wandering as of late so who knows. and did you know wrigley has new coffee gum? strange but yummy. if you are a coffee lover definitely check it out! but be warned, the flavor doesn't last that long. it only lasted about an hour in one of the lines at the mall on black friday!


Anonymous said...

You've been busy girl! Brandon wants the wii. Good to hear from you again, was going thru withdrawal :) French toast and grilled cheese so count as cooking in my book. Glad you enjoyed Black Friday.


Anonymous said...

Steven got the wii too. and can I just say "coach" I'm so jealous! for that I may even have ventured out on Black Friday!


Kache said...

Your description of Black Friday made me want to crawl under the covers. Nice of you to deliver some fast food for those weirdos in line. Wish I could forgive or at least forget too. But I can't, cause people piss me off.

Hope the house sale works out that easily!

Rita said...

Wow! You're one busy girl. But, seriously, I'm apalled at the whole black friday thing...although if I ever tried it I'd probably be addicted too. Love Coach. Seriously.

Brandy said...

Wii, ha! If you are up for gross flavors, check out Jones soda holiday pakcs, they have flavors like turkey and gravy

TracyDacy said...

Wii-tarded! HA! I love it!