snotty mcgee.

so janis joplin might have sang about bobby mcgee. but today i'm calling myself snotty mcgee. i know maybe too much information. but i hate the fact that running makes my noise run! what the heck is that all about?
day two went well. i guess the work out bug is contagious. nick is even getting back into the swing of things. did the walk/jog thing with me today. except he sprinted. show off.
added weights today. hoping i'm not too sore to do yard work tomorrow! or scrap for that matter.
found spark people thanks to stacey. signed up, got my workout plan, tracked my meals today. really liking it so far. well, i am but i'm not. i eat a lot of crap. so i guess this will be a good thing for me. to actually see it on the screen in front of me.
and thanks for the kind words... i hate running too. but think it would be pretty neat to say i can run three miles! ;o) maybe do a charity run. no marathons. not that crazy... yet.

yesterday had a nice evening with nick's dad, his girlfriend {michelle}, and her daughter{brianna}. had family movie night. going to try and do it more often. it just seems like the summer months get crazy for everyone. saw chronicles of narnia. pretty cute. think i might have enjoyed it more as a book. speaking of books, i've added a reading list/blog. i copied from fellow bloggers. hope to pay more attention to their book lists... you know who you are!

so is everyone humming bobby mcgee. ladada, dada, dadadadadada... hey now... bobby mcgee....


Kache said...

"freedom's just another word for nothin' left to lose..."

great job on the running!
my attention span waned big time during narnia ;)

Anonymous said...

Great job on day two. You inspired me, went walking this am and despite the fact that I HATE running, I jogged a half a block :)


Brandy said...

Man, you keep getting sick! Keep it over there, I don't want any!

Rita said...

Good luck with the running...it's so not my thing. That reminds me of a card I read...birthdays are sort of like bumper stickers...you enjoy them when other people have them but don't really want one for yourself. :-)

Stacey said...

Glad you like the spark people site....I thought it was pretty cool, especially for free =)

Breana said...

i love how you always post links in your blogs, keeps me informed! ;)

TracyDacy said...

LOL at Snotty McGee! Too funny!!