it's back! so effing excited. nick and i have been grey's junkies for the past week or so. trying to get him caught up on all the episodes. we did it and we are so ready!! a little behind on house stuff... but caught up and that is what totally matters! ;o)
trying to pack for whitewater rafting. so not ready. it's gonna be cold. 60s during the day. but when you combine that with water... not so sure i'm gonna like it. 40s-50s at night. that and a tent. hmmm. me thinks i need to spend a lot of time at the campfire! looking forward to hanging out with the friends, laughing, drinking, eating. just being merry. hoping that i don't fall out of the bleeping raft and kill myself. really kinda nervous about it all. my idea of a vacation is a little bit more relaxing!
going to the cubs/cincinnati game tomorrow. a halfway point of our trip. stupid forcast is prediciting rain.. of course! must pack for summer/fall and rain. which is quite the challenge for such an overpacker like myself!
leave friday at 9am. and instead of packing, i'm here blogging and baked some cookies. lisa made the cherry/white chocolate ones you posted at knk. heather i made your fruit roll up ones. yeah, i suck. they are all falling over and stuff. but i think i can perfect them, and if so, plan on using them for christmas cookies. maybe some green on the outside... so if you have any rolling tips, please share!
and for the exercise/health kick. did splendid the first two weeks. then i just crave the bad stuff! still doing okay tho. gonna even try and log my food while we are gone. maybe just to remind me not to die of gluttony. really like some of that website for the comparisons. helping you pick the lesser of the two evils. because sometimes it can be tricky!
alright. i really must get something done. like pack, or bake some bread, or do my design team layouts, or maybe even pack!


Anonymous said...

Have fun, hope it's not too cold or rainy!


Kache said...

Ok that post was quite interactive, almost like being in your head.

Have a great time rafting, that should be cool. And I think out of all those options at the end, you should definitely bake bread! :)

Susan said...

Whitewater rafting, fun! Have a great time!!!

Laura Vigliarolo said...

Have fun and drink alot to stay warm, Ameretto is always nice.

Jaime said...

Have fun! I've always wanted to go rafting, but that sounds a little too chilli for me!

Heather said...

rofl @krystn.... and "bleeping" raft... have a GREAT time... drink through the cold... and practice makes perfect on the rolling! :)

Breana said...

omgosh lisa's cookies so YUMMY! rafting how fun!!!

TracyDacy said...

are you back yet shan? i'm stalking your blog for a recap of your trip!