ten on tuesday 1.21.14

- whenever i wrote/typed the date yesterday it weirded me out to see 20/14!

- shh, i'm typing this at work. not looking forward to my commute this afternoon. 20 inches of snow. ugh! i'm so over winter.

- saw nut job last night with ben. john and the girls invited us last minute. meh. glad to spend time with everyone but wasn't impressed.

- ben was playing a video game and i asked him what the name of it was... he replied, 'bad guys fighting the world.'

- cannot power through this last bit of allegiant. {divergent trilogy) i really don't like who that picked to play tris. maybe i'm boycotting?

- think little miss has her first cold. has had quite the runny nose. hoping it doesn't get worse!

- feeling lucky. love my friends. love the laughter they bring into my life. wish i saw them more. xo.

- have a terrible itch to go shopping. hoping i can reign it in!

- trying to make a to do list for this month and realized it's almost over. eek. maybe i can get one project done.... maybe?

- waiting for hubs to help me with new mac and external drive. {the new computer has no hard drive. well, a tiny bit.} when that happens, the wip posts will resume. hoping i can corner him sometime this week!

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